Connecticut 1800 Council of Assistants, Nomination

Council of Assistants (State)
Connecticut 1800 Council of Assistants, Nomination
First Ballot
Council of Assistants/Councillor
William Hillhouse, Joseph P. Cook, Nathaniel Smith, William Williams, Thomas Seymour, Heman Swift, David Daggett, Thomas Grosvenor, Aaron Austin, Roger Newberry, John Allen, Zephaniah Swift, Jonathan Brace, John C. Smith, Chauncey Goodrich, Calvin Goddard, Stephen T. Hosmer, William Hart, Benjamin Talmadge, Simeon Baldwin, William Mosely, Hezekial Bissell, Sylvester Gilbert, Elias Perkins, Samuel W. Johnson, Jonathan Trumbull, John Tredwell, Marvin Wait, Asa Spalding, Jonathan Bull, Elisha Hyde, Ebenezer Devotion, John Sedgwick, Samuel B. Sherwood, Jabez Fitch, Rufus Hitchcock, Rosewell Judson, David Smith, Elisha Whittlesey, Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Lewis B. Sturges, Eli Mygatt, Jeremiah Wadsworth, Elijah Hubbard, John Davenport, Jr.
Candidates: William Hillhouse[1]Joseph P. Cook[2]Nathaniel Smith[3]William Williams[4]Thomas Seymour[5]Heman Swift[6]David Daggett[7]Thomas Grosvenor[8]Aaron Austin[9]Roger Newberry[10]John Allen[11]Zephaniah Swift[12]Jonathan Brace[13]John C. Smith[14]Chauncey Goodrich[15]Calvin Goddard[16]Stephen T. Hosmer[17]William Hart[18]Benjamin Talmadge[19]Simeon Baldwin[20]William MoselyHezekial BissellSylvester GilbertElias PerkinsSamuel W. JohnsonJonathan TrumbullJohn TredwellMarvin WaitAsa SpaldingJonathan BullElisha HydeEbenezer DevotionJohn SedgwickSamuel B. SherwoodJabez FitchRufus HitchcockRosewell JudsonDavid SmithElisha WhittleseyTimothy Pitkin, Jr.Lewis B. SturgesEli MygattJeremiah WadsworthElijah HubbardJohn Davenport, Jr.
Affiliation:supported by both partiessupported by both partiessupported by both partiessupported by both partiessupported by both partiesFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistRepublicanFederalistFederalistFederalistRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanFederalistFederalistRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublican
Final Result: [21][22][23]9625955394308782842872546937681366896246613756025152472847234477393638923862354235033423339833413206308730673067302529742962290728712869277627232646--------
Fairfield County---------------------------------------------
Town of Danbury10512711699771141051019810310610210499975987674297-11----111111211116850423325-8-
Town of Ridgefield[24]---------------------------------------------
Town of Stamford31131331531330442423942424127216421635412704231392712728267353527127127127127127127127127127115----16-3
Hartford County---------------------------------------------
Litchfield County---------------------------------------------
Middlesex County---------------------------------------------
New Haven County---------------------------------------------
New London County---------------------------------------------
Tolland County---------------------------------------------
Windham County---------------------------------------------


[21]William Hillhouse, Joseph P. Cook, Nathaniel Smith, William Williams and Thomas Seymour were supported by both parties.
[22]William Hart, Hezekial Bissell, Sylvester Gilbert, Elias Perkins, Samuel W. Johnson, Jonathan Trumbull, and John Tredwell were Federalists. They were however supported by the Republicans and received endorsements in Republican newspapers.
[23]The Connecticut Journal (New Haven, CT), Connecticut Courant (Hartford, CT) and Connecticut Gazette, and the Commercial Intelligencer (New London, CT) list Zephaniah Swift with 6602 votes.
[24]"The present member of the council had generally from 80 to 100 votes or upwards. No votes were given for any of Philip Dormer's creatures." Windham Herald (Windham, CT). October 2, 1800.


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