Massachusetts 1804 State Senate, Berkshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1804 State Senate, Berkshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Barnabas Bidwell, John Bacon, Daniel Dewey, Thomas Ives
Candidates: Barnabas Bidwell[1]John Bacon[2]Daniel DeweyThomas Ives
Final Result: [3][4]20161987--
Berkshire County20161987--
Town of Adams----
Town of Alford----
Town of Becket----
Town of Bethlehem----
Town of Cheshire----
Town of Clarksburgh----
Town of Dalton----
Town of Egremont----
Town of Great Barrington----
Town of Hancock----
Town of Lanesborough----
Town of Lee----
Town of Lenox----
Town of Louden----
Town of Mount Washington----
Town of New Ashford----
Town of New Marlborough----
Town of Partridgefield2728123123
Town of Pittsfield1571542424
Town of Richmond----
Town of Sandersfield----
Town of Savoy----
Town of Sheffield----
Town of Southfield----
Town of Stockbridge----
Town of Tyringham----
Town of Washington----
Town of West Stockbridge----
Town of Williamstown----
Town of Windsor----


[3]"No. Voters, 3328. Make a choice, 1665." Governor's Council Records.
[4]"General Election.--On Monday last the annual Election for State Officers took place. Our readers will see, by the following return of Votes for Governor, that the county of Berkshire remains firm in Republican principles. An increasing majority is highly honorary to the cause of republicanism; while a consumptive decline of federalism forebodes its dissolution. In spite of the pitiful arts of delusive federalism, several large and opulent towns in this county have, in this election, arranged themselves on the side of the principles of LIBERTY. Lanesborough, which 'till now, has been guided for many years by the counsels of anti-revolutionary and anti-republican men, has turned her back on tory doctrines, and espoused the whig principles of our country. We anticipate she will not again be found fighting in the ranks of the enemies of our general government. Stockbridge too, the head-quarters of federalism in this county, has stricken the federal standard--And in Richmond, federalism has been weighed in the scales and found wanting." The Pittsfield Sun (Pittsfield, MA). April 9, 1804.


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