New York 1824 Assembly, Herkimer County

Assembly (State)
New York 1824 Assembly, Herkimer County
New York
First Ballot
Jacobe Wire, Samuel Dexter, Jr, Warner Folts, Lawrence Timmerman, Moses Shaw, Amos Smith, Henry Brown, Mason Barker, John Folts, George Petrie, John Herkimer
Candidates: Jacobe WireSamuel Dexter, JrWarner FoltsLawrence TimmermanMoses ShawAmos SmithHenry BrownMason BarkerJohn FoltsGeorge PetrieJohn Herkimer
Final Result: [1][2]233523202319229622672266111111
Herkimer County[3][4][5]233523202319229622672266111111
Town of Columbia105101104151139147-----
Town of Danube261269267206200200-----
Town of Fairfield207211207167158160-----
Town of Frankfort157154160142140130-----
Town of German Flats166160166226226227-----
Town of Herkimer211209212277277277-----
Town of Litcfield148149147696969-----
Town of Manheim1028887161146154-----
Town of Newport124123124133133133-----
Town of Norway848383999999-----
Town of Russia173173173121121121-----
Town of Salisbury145145145108108108-----
Town of Schuyler158157156106107105-----
Town of Warren131134125219227219-----
Town of West Brunswick292929555555-----
Town of Winfield134134134626262-----


[1]Supporters of DeWitt Clinton were known under several labels. While the older Clintonian / Federalist was still used, many were listed and ran as candidates of the People's Party with others favoring the term of Anti-Caucus. Those in opposition to DeWitt Clinton, although mainly Republicans were in this election also being referred to as King Caucus candidates and often called Bucktails.
[2]"On the 16th instant, a meeting was held at the house of B. Kelsey in Herkimer, composed of abut twenty discontented Republican, and the like number of Federalist and Clintonians; which nominated Mr. John Herkimer for Congress, and Messrs. Jacob Wire, Warner Folts and Samuel Dexter Jr. for Assembly; and concurred in the nomination of George Brayton, a Clintonian of Oneida County for Senator; thus ended this affair." The People's Friend (Little Falls, NY). October 27, 1824.
[3]Samuel Dexter, Jr. received 1 vote as Samuel Dexter.
[4]Lawrence Timmerman received 4 votes as L. Timmerman.
[5]The People's Friend lists Lawrence Timmerman with 2302 votes but the town totals (with the 4 votes for L. Timmerman) add up to 2296.


People's Friend (Little Falls, NY). October 27, 1824.
People's Friend (Little Falls, NY). November 17, 1824.

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