Rhode Island 1790 Convention for Adoption of the U.S. Constitution

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
Rhode Island 1790 Convention for Adoption of the U.S. Constitution
Rhode Island
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
yea, nay
Candidates: yea[1]nay
Final Result: [2]3432
Bristol County6-
Town of Barrington[3]2-
Town of Bristol[4]2-
Town of Warren[5]2-
Kent County28
Town of Coventry[6]-2
Town of East Greenwich[7]-2
Town of Warwick[8]22
Town of West Greenwich[9]-2
Newport County161
Town of Jamestown[10]2-
Town of Little Compton[11]2-
Town of Middletown[12]2-
Town of Newport[13]6-
Town of Portsmouth[14]21
Town of Tiverton[15]2-
Providence County613
Town of Cranston[16]-2
Town of Cumberland[17]2-
Town of Foster[18]-2
Town of Glocester[19]-1
Town of Johnston[20]-2
Town of North Providence[21]-2
Town of Providence[22]4-
Town of Scituate[23]-2
Town of Smithfield[24]-2
Washington County210
Town of Charlestown[25]-2
Town of Exeter[26]-2
Town of Hopkinton[27]2-
Town of North Kingstown[28]-2
Town of Richmond[29]-2
Town of South Kingstown[30]-2


[2]"The Question, "Shall the Constitution be adopted, or not?" was taken on Saturday.......Thirty-four Members voting for, and Thirty-two against it." The Providence Gazette and Country Journal (Providence, RI). June 5, 1790.
[3]Voting Yea: Thomas Allen, Samuel Allen.
[4]Voting Yea: William Bradford, Shearjashub Bourn.
[5]Voting Yea: Bejnamin Bosworth, Samuel Pearce.
[6]Voting Nay: Benjamn Arnold, Job Greene.
[7]Voting Nay: Job Comstock, Pardon Mawney.
[8]Voting Yea: Benjamin Arnold Jr., Christopher Green. Voting Nay: Thomas Rice, Gideon Arnold.
[9]Voting Nay:William Nichols, William Mathewson.
[10]Voting Yea: Benjamin Remington, Micholas Carr.
[11]Voting Yea: John Davis, William Ladd.
[12]Voting Yea: Joseph Barker, Elisha Barker.
[13]Voting Yea: George Hazard, Henry Marchant, George Champlin, Peleg Clarke, William Tripp, George Sears.
[14]Voting Yea: Burrington Anthony, Peter Barker. Voting Nay: Giles Slocum.
[15]Voting Yea: Isaac Manchester, Abraham Barker.
[16]Voting Nay: Peter Stone, Jonathan Sprague.
[17]Voting Yea: John S. Dexter, Levi Ballou.
[18]Voting Nay: William Hayward, John Williams.
[19]Voting Nay: Stephan Steer.
[20]Voting Nay: Noah Mathewson, William B. King.
[21]Voting Nay: Elisha Brown, Esek Esten
[22]Voting Yea: Jabez Bowen, Benjamin Bourn, William Barton, John I. Clark.
[23]Voting Nay: James Aldrich, Nathan Bates.
[24]Voting Nay: Andrew Waterman, John Sayles.
[25]Voting Nay: Joseph Stanton, Thomas Hoxsie.
[26]Voting Nay: Joseph Reynolds, Job Wilcox.
[27]Voting Yea: John Brown, Jesse Maxson.
[28]Voting Nay: Willliam Congdon, Bowen Card.
[29]Voting Nay: James Sheldon, Thomas James.
[30]Voting Nay: Jonathan J. Hazard, Samuel J. Potter.


The Providence Gazette and Country Journal (Providence, RI). June 5, 1790.

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