Massachusetts 1803 State Senate, Berkshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1803 State Senate, Berkshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Barnabas Bidwell, John Bacon, Daniel Dewey, Thomas Ives, William Williams, David Rosseter, Ephraim Williams, Azariah Egleston, Joshua Danforth, Timothy Childs, S. Nash
Candidates: Barnabas Bidwell[1]John Bacon[2]Daniel DeweyThomas IvesWilliam WilliamsDavid RosseterEphraim WilliamsAzariah EglestonJoshua DanforthTimothy ChildsS. Nash
Final Result: [3][4][5]17501741121611363432318111
Berkshire County17501741121611363432318111
Town of Adams1401403030-------
Town of Alford29292525-------
Town of Becket27275042-------
Town of Bethlehem-----------
Town of Cheshire18818811-------
Town of Clarksburgh17171313-------
Town of Dalton37373022-------
Town of Egremont50503434-------
Town of Great Barrington50556571-------
Town of Hancock282820--------
Town of Lanesborough64648282-------
Town of Lee11138877-------
Town of Lenox12612644-------
Town of Louden-----------
Town of Mount Washington181866-------
Town of New Ashford-----------
Town of New Marlborough-----------
Town of Partridgefield1720868714------
Town of Pittsfield[6]1411405250-------
Town of Richmond64666968-------
Town of Sandersfield-----------
Town of Savoy5052---------
Town of Sheffield93939090-------
Town of Southfield-----------
Town of Stockbridge79798477-------
Town of Tyringham1011014444-------
Town of Washington18223522-------
Town of West Stockbridge68683432-------
Town of Williamstown1501494848-------
Town of Windsor51512525-------


[3]"No. Voters, 2825. Make a choice, 1413." Governor's Council Records. The vote totals do not include the votes from Adams.
[4]"We congratulate the Republicans of Berkshire on the VERY HANDSOME MAJORITY they have given to their Senators, and trust they will retain their usual majority in the next House of Representatives." The Sun (Pittsfield, MA). April 11, 1803.
[5]"The votes of the County of Berkshire for Senators the present year as returned into the Secretary's office (including those of the town of Adams which were not received in season to be canveassed by the Governor and Council)." The Pittsfield Sun (Pittsfield, MA). June 6, 1803.
[6]The Sun (Pittsfield, MA) lists 142 votes for Barnabas Bidwell.


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