New York 1824 Assembly, Orange County

Assembly (State)
New York 1824 Assembly, Orange County
New York
First Ballot
Samuel J. Wilkin, Nathaniel P. Hill, William Finn, Joseph MacLaughlin, Samuel Webb, James Finch, Jr., Nathaniel Jones, Selah Reeve, Isaac Cox, Samuel W. Hurd, James W. Wilkin, Oliver Farrington, Benjamin Cutter, Abraham Cuddeback, William Quarters, James Hulz, Taylor Newkirk, Isaac N. Seymour, John Thayer, Samuel W. Enger, Bob Powell, James Law, William Walsh, Benjamin Woodward, John C. Reeve
Candidates: Samuel J. WilkinNathaniel P. HillWilliam FinnJoseph MacLaughlinSamuel WebbJames Finch, Jr.Nathaniel JonesSelah ReeveIsaac CoxSamuel W. HurdJames W. WilkinOliver FarringtonBenjamin CutterAbraham CuddebackWilliam QuartersJames HulzTaylor NewkirkIsaac N. SeymourJohn ThayerSamuel W. EngerBob PowellJames LawWilliam WalshBenjamin WoodwardJohn C. Reeve
Affiliation:ClintonianKing CaucusClintonianKing CaucusKing CaucusClintonianKing CaucusClintonian
Final Result: [1]2304229722482168213421332128203811111111111111111
Orange County2304229722482168213421332128203811111111111111111
Town of Blooming Grove11974120757412368104-----------------
Town of Cornwall1671141841153898289911111------------
Town of Crawford126139127135136127135118-----------------
Town of Deer Park[2][3]62126601241274512557-----1111--------
Town of Goshen183244170233243176237157-----------------
Town of Minisink195376176364367166361175-----------------
Town of Monroe30467273404527467301-----------------
Town of Montgomery[4][5][6]243222227192199242206209---------1-------
Town of New Windsor1231011239710112199116-----------------
Town of Newburgh[7][8]233332228310311221320208----------11111--
Town of Wallkill[9]286330289319324273322265-----------------
Town of Warwick[10][11]263172271164169267160229---------------11


[1]Supporters of DeWitt Clinton were known under several labels. While the older Clintonian / Federalist was still used, many were listed and ran as candidates of the People's Party with others favoring the term of Anti-Caucus. Those in opposition to DeWitt Clinton, although mainly Republicans were in this election also being referred to as King Caucus candidates and often called Bucktails.
[2]Samuel J. Wilkin received 1 vote as S. J. Wilkin.
[3]Samuel Webb received 1 vote as S. Webb.
[4]Samuel J. Wilkin received 1 vote as Samuel W. Wilkin.
[5]James Finch, Jr. received 1 vote as Finch.
[6]Nathaniel P. Hill received 8 votes as N. P. Hill and 1 vote as Nathaniel Hill.
[7]Samuel J. Wilkin received 1 vote as Samuel Wilkin.
[8]Nathaniel P. Hill received 1 vote as Nathaniel Hill.
[9]James Finch, Jr. received 1 vote as James Finch.
[10]Samuel J. Wilkin received 1 vote as Samuel Wilkin.
[11]James Finch, Jr. received 1 vote as James Finch, Junior.


The New-York Statesman (Albany, NY). October 26, 1824.
The Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY). November 15, 1824.

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