Connecticut 1818 U.S. House of Representatives, Nomination

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Connecticut 1818 U.S. House of Representatives, Nomination
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Jonathan O. Mosely, Gideon Tomlinson, James Stevens, John Russ, John T. Peters, Ralph Ingersoll, Samuel A. Foot, Elisha Phelps, Noyes Barber, David Bollers, Christopher Manwarring, Seth P. Beers, Simeon Miner, Orange Merwin, Henry W. Edwards, Ansel Sterling, Calvin Willey, Elisha Tracey, Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Samuel B. Sherwood, Thomas S. Williams, Nathaniel Terry, Uriel Holmes, Jr., Ebenezer Huntingdon, Lyman Law, Seth P. Staples, Noah B. Benedict, Samuel W. Johnson, Asa Bacon, Jr., Roger M. Sherman, Eli Whitney, David S. Boardman, Joseph Eaton, Epaphroditus Champion, John Hall, Jirah Isham, Luther Pain
Candidates: Jonathan O. Mosely[1]Gideon Tomlinson[2]James Stevens[3]John Russ[4]John T. Peters[5]Ralph Ingersoll[6]Samuel A. Foot[7]Elisha Phelps[8]Noyes Barber[9]David Bollers[10]Christopher Manwarring[11]Seth P. Beers[12]Simeon Miner[13]Orange Merwin[14]Henry W. Edwards[15]Ansel Sterling[16]Calvin Willey[17]Elisha Tracey[18]Timothy Pitkin, Jr.Samuel B. SherwoodThomas S. WilliamsNathaniel TerryUriel Holmes, Jr.Ebenezer HuntingdonLyman LawSeth P. StaplesNoah B. BenedictSamuel W. JohnsonAsa Bacon, Jr.Roger M. ShermanEli WhitneyDavid S. BoardmanJoseph EatonEpaphroditus ChampionJohn HallJirah IshamLuther Pain
Affiliation:supported by both partiesRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalist
Final Result: 12281822382048177816281228111809580408039802979967963794179397913790174665390531752705252522351315071382236303175317431422818276926682612261123582044
Fairfield County-------------------------------------
Hartford County-------------------------------------
Litchfield County-------------------------------------
Town of Warren55------------------------------------
Middlesex County-------------------------------------
New Haven County-------------------------------------
City of New Haven[19][20]204212212209199215211210210209208209208208209208209208-------------------
New London County-------------------------------------
Town of Lyme59139139139139141138141137100135-1369813911513122-------------------
City of New London44577472726873736570597264705716641-------------------
Tolland County-------------------------------------
Windham County-------------------------------------


[19]"The highest number of votes given for any aristocratic candidate, did not amount to 60. A greater proportion of them did not receive more than from 1 to 3." Connecticut Herald, and General Advertiser (New Haven, CT). April 21, 1818.
[20]"The highest vote on the Toleration Ticket was 240 -- smallest vote, 199. Highest Federal vote, 58." Columbian Register, and True Republican (New Haven, CT). April 18, 1818.


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