Vermont 1797 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Special

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1797 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Special
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Lewis R. Morris, Stephen Jacobs, Nathaniel Niles, Amasa Paine, Lot Hall, Daniel Farrand, William Chamberlain, Paul Brigham, Cornelius Lynde, Stephen R. Bradley, Samuel Cutler, William Bigelow, Jonathan Hunt, John Leverett, Charles Marsh, Elijah Robinson
Candidates: Lewis R. Morris[1]Stephen JacobsNathaniel NilesAmasa PaineLot HallDaniel FarrandWilliam ChamberlainPaul BrighamCornelius LyndeStephen R. BradleySamuel CutlerWilliam BigelowJonathan HuntJohn LeverettCharles MarshElijah Robinson
Final Result: [2][3][4]1033246203119674431272016321111
District of Eastern1033246203119674431272016321111
Caledonia County----------------
Town of Cabot71--------------
Town of Danville16----5----------
Town of Montpelier19-3-------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury18----2----------
Town of Walden16---------------
Orange County----------------
Town of Fairlee12-48------------
Town of Newbury1----16----------
Town of Randolph52035-1---1-------
Windham County[5]45511156855----143-----
Town of Athens1161-------------
Town of Brattleborough72119------------
Town of Brookline12---------------
Town of Dummerston67---2-----------
Town of Grafton2-33-------------
Town of Guilford38-552------------
Town of Halifax37-3------4------
Town of Hinsdale36---------------
Town of Jamaica24-6-------------
Town of Londonderry12---------------
Town of Marlboro--362------------
Town of Newfane[6]29-214-----1------
Town of Putney[7]---361-----------
Town of Rockingham32-112-----13-----
Town of Townshend25-32------------
Town of Wardsboro[8]29-17------------
Town of Westminster19-1412----8------
Town of Whitingham8---------------
Town of Windham24--------------
Windsor County----------------
Town of Andover9-513-----------
Town of Cavendish-413-------------
Town of Pomfret12--18-----------
Town of Reading-3019------------
Town of Royalton37591------------
Town of Springfield47---1----------1
Town of Windsor52443---------1--


[2]"The Honorable Lewis Morris, Esq. is elected Federal Representative in the Eastern District of Vermont, in the room of Mr. Buck resigned. The votes were 1315, of which Mr. Morris had 1033. Mr. Niles the anti-candidate had but 263." The Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth). July 1, 1797.
[3]The Official Results list Nathaniel Niles with 203 votes but the town totals add up to 230.
[4]Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT) of June 9 reports 110 votes for Amasa Paine.
[5]The Official Results list Lewis R. Morris with 452 votes and Nathaniel Niles with 153 votes but the town totals add up to 455 votes for Morris and 156 votes for Niles.
[6]The Argus (Putney, VT) of June 8, the Federal Galaxy (Battleborough) of June 2 and the Rising Sun (Keene, NH) of June 6 report 27 votes for Lewis R. Morris.
[7]The Rising Sun (Keene, NH) lists the votes for Amasa Paine as being for Lewis R. Morris.
[8]The Argus (Putney, VT) of June 8, the Federal Galaxy (Battleborough) of June 2 and the Rising Sun (Keene, NH) of June 6 report 27 votes for Lewis R. Morris.


Andover Town Records.
Brattleborough Town Records.
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Westminster Town Records.
Whitingham Town Records.
Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT). May 26, 1797.
Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). May 26, 1797.
Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT). June 2, 1797.
Rising Sun (Keene, NH). June 6, 1797.
The Argus (Putney, VT). June 8, 1797.
Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). June 9, 1797.
Rising Sun (Keene, NH). June 13, 1797.
The Argus (Putney, VT). June 15, 1797.
Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT). June 16, 1797.
Rising Sun (Keene, NH). June 20, 1797.
Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth, NH). July 1, 1797.

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