Connecticut 1812 Council of Assistants, Nomination

Council of Assistants (State)
Connecticut 1812 Council of Assistants, Nomination
First Ballot
Council of Assistants/Councillor
Frederick Wolcott, Theodore Dwight, Calvin Goddard, Elizur Goodrich, Matthew Griswold, Henry Champion, Stephen T. Hosmer, Roger M. Sherman, Judson Canfield, Jonathan Brace, David Daggett, Samuel W. Johnson, Shubael Griswold, Noah B. Benedict, Asher Miller, Asa Chapman, Aaron Austin, Jonathan Barnes, Daniel Putnam, William Perkins, Elijah Boardman, John Tallmadge, Bebee Hine, James Morris, Barzillai Slosson, Elisha Sterling
Candidates: Frederick Wolcott[1]Theodore Dwight[2]Calvin Goddard[3]Elizur Goodrich[4]Matthew Griswold[5]Henry Champion[6]Stephen T. Hosmer[7]Roger M. Sherman[8]Judson Canfield[9]Jonathan Brace[10]David Daggett[11]Samuel W. Johnson[12]Shubael Griswold[13]Noah B. Benedict[14]Asher Miller[15]Asa Chapman[16]Aaron Austin[17]Jonathan Barnes[18]Daniel Putnam[19]William Perkins[20]Elijah BoardmanJohn TallmadgeBebee HineJames MorrisBarzillai SlossonElisha Sterling
Final Result: [21]1202612006119921192511925118931188311844117651172211614112701122811181110211094310884997798289635154-----
Fairfield County--------------------------
Hartford County--------------------------
Town of East Windsor[22]--------------------------
Litchfield County--------------------------
Town of Warren7781818180818177338181627181785777747767-47461354
Middlesex County--------------------------
New Haven County--------------------------
New London County--------------------------
Tolland County--------------------------
Windham County--------------------------


[21]"The highest democratic vote was for Elijah Boardman, 154; and the different persons voted for by that party, varied from that number down to 13." Connecticut Mirror (Hartford, CT). October 19, 1812.
[22]"The highest Federal vote for nomination was two hundred and fifty one. The Democratic nomination was not called." Diary of Thomas Robbins, 529.


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