New Hampshire 1811 Governor's Council, Cheshire County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1811 Governor's Council, Cheshire County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Ithamar Chase, Amasa Allen, Daniel Kimball, C. Ellis, Thomas C. Drew, A. Lincoln, James Bingham, N. Ellis, John Harris, A. Kendrick, A. Reed, S. Robbins, J. Smith, Roger Vose, William Wallace, J. Wilder, blank
Candidates: Ithamar Chase[1]Amasa AllenDaniel KimballC. EllisThomas C. DrewA. LincolnJames BinghamN. EllisJohn HarrisA. KendrickA. ReedS. RobbinsJ. SmithRoger VoseWilliam WallaceJ. Wilderblank
Final Result: [2]310427061065211111111111
Cheshire County310427061065211111111111
Town of Acworth98129---------------
Town of Alstead144108---------------
Town of Charlestown16141----1----------
Town of Chesterfield17098---------------
Town of Claremont17487---------------
Town of Cornish1108110-----11-------
Town of Croydon6774---------------
Town of Dublin[3]-----------------
Town of Fitzwilliam11966---------------
Town of Gilsum4138---------------
Town of Goshen3748----------1----
Town of Hinsdale2431-----1---------
Town of Jaffrey19534-------------1-
Town of Keene20056---------------
Town of Langdon1838---------------
Town of Lempster7166---------------
Town of Marlborough13129---------------
Town of Marlow885---------------
Town of New Grantham3084---------------
Town of Newport15244-5-------------
Town of Packersfield16024---------------
Town of Plainfield104122---------------
Town of Richmond6198---------------
Town of Rindge14753---------------
Town of Springfield1690---------------
Town of Stoddard6976---------------
Town of Sullivan7512---------------
Town of Surry3842---------------
Town of Swanzey49128---------------
Town of Unity20147---------------
Town of Walpole157163-14--------1---
Town of Washington20115------------1--
Town of Wendell669---------------
Town of Westmoreland[4]152173--12----11----1
Town of Winchester13557---------------


[2]"The following is the result of the votes for Councillors, as reported by the committee appointed to sort and count the same. .... Chesh. - Whole number, 5844 - that 2923 are necessary to make a choice and the Hon. Ithamar Chase, having 3104, is chosen." Concord Gazette (Concord, NH). June 18, 1811.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Dublin.
[4]Thomas C. Drew received 1 vote as T. C. Drew.


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