New York 1818 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1818 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
James Ketcham, John Beadle, Thomas J. Oakley, David Tomlinson, Jesse Thompson, Thomas Lawrence, Benajah Thompson, Tyler Dibblee, Thomas Sweet, Archibald Campbell, Thomas Barton, John C. Shear, Albro Aiken, John Titus, Samuel Blastenbush, Albert Cocks, John Congden, William Cornwell, Sabin Leaves, Francis A. Livingston, Ampley Low, George Mead, David Nye, John J. Oakley, Barnabas Paine, Jr., Samuel Pine, Clapp Raymond, Reuben B. Rudd, James Thompson, John W. Wheeler, Peter Woodin
Candidates: James Ketcham[1]John Beadle[2]Thomas J. Oakley[3]David Tomlinson[4]Jesse Thompson[5]Thomas LawrenceBenajah ThompsonTyler DibbleeThomas SweetArchibald CampbellThomas BartonJohn C. ShearAlbro AikenJohn TitusSamuel BlastenbushAlbert CocksJohn CongdenWilliam CornwellSabin LeavesFrancis A. LivingstonAmpley LowGeorge MeadDavid NyeJohn J. OakleyBarnabas Paine, Jr.Samuel PineClapp RaymondReuben B. RuddJames ThompsonJohn W. WheelerPeter Woodin
Final Result: [6]182918091788161215971218118610178426181453211111111111111111
Dutchess County182918091788161215971218118610178426181453211111111111111111
Town of Amenia8685878384948393907814-----1-----1-1------
Town of Beekman2702702752692644545494133-53-----------------1
Town of Clinton2342292312322306161605958---------------------
Town of Dover1391291301231234747535045---------------------
Town of Fishkill[7]11611614711811319218716011719---------------------
Town of Milan126126-4123130131122---------------------
Town of Northeast3426113293011111111711025---------------------
Town of Pawlings74759452569769786586---------------------
Town of Poughkeepsie[8]258259296245243131143124136106---211-11-11-1-11111-
Town of Red Hook84858271717775877070---------------------
Town of Rhinebeck1371411421216664661001015---------------------
Town of Stanford1651658816291112110373431---------------------
Town of Washington1061031031031035758585850---------1-----------


[6]John J. Oakley and James Thompson are amalgamations of two candidates.
[7]Benajah Thompson received 5 votes as Benjamin Thompson.
[8]Thomas J. Oakley received 1 vote as Thomas P. Oakley.


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