New Hampshire 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, Special

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New Hampshire 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, Special
New Hampshire
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Parker Noyes, David L. Morrill, Charles H. Atherton, Abiel Foster, Daniel Blaisdell, John Burnham, Josiah Butler, Clifton Colgate, Adam Dickey, Philip Freeley, Simon French, Reed Paige, Edmund Parker, Samuel Prium, Richard M. Ryan, Jedediah K. Smith, George B. Upham, Stephen P. Webster
Candidates: Parker NoyesDavid L. MorrillCharles H. AthertonAbiel FosterDaniel BlaisdellJohn BurnhamJosiah ButlerClifton ColgateAdam DickeyPhilip FreeleySimon FrenchReed PaigeEdmund ParkerSamuel PriumRichard M. RyanJedediah K. SmithGeorge B. UphamStephen P. Webster
Final Result: [1][2][3]1709616805923431111111111111
Cheshire County448528446--------1------
Town of Acworth130130----------------
Town of Alstead191108----------------
Town of Charlestown23439----------------
Town of Chesterfield236100----------------
Town of Claremont307109----------------
Town of Cornish182102----------------
Town of Croydon8477----------------
Town of Dublin151623---------------
Town of Fitzwilliam16468----------------
Town of Gilsum4832----------------
Town of Goshen5542----------------
Town of Hinsdale9029----------------
Town of Jaffrey21437----------------
Town of Keene261373---------------
Town of Langdon4958----------------
Town of Lempster9651----------------
Town of Marlborough16914----------------
Town of Marlow1381----------------
Town of New Grantham35116----------------
Town of Newport22660----------------
Town of Packersfield15322----------------
Town of Plainfield147132----------------
Town of Richmond2181----------------
Town of Rindge18839----------------
Town of Roxbury6016----------------
Town of Springfield28103----------------
Town of Stoddard87101----------------
Town of Sullivan9211----------------
Town of Surry5228----------------
Town of Swanzey96169----------------
Town of Unity31160----------------
Town of Walpole211120----------------
Town of Washington31118----------------
Town of Wendell1383----------------
Town of Westmoreland183146---------1------
Town of Winchester17663----------------
Coos County238376----------------
Town of Adams242----------------
Town of Bartlett280----------------
Town of Chatham737----------------
Town of Colebrook3822----------------
Town of Columbia2712----------------
Town of Dalton1810----------------
Town of Jefferson732----------------
Town of Lancaster7928----------------
Town of Northumberland388----------------
Town of Percy616----------------
Town of Stewartstown1130----------------
Town of Stratford-51----------------
Town of Whitefield38----------------
Grafton County290518172-3-1---------1-
Town of Alexandria5029----------------
Town of Bath15654----------------
Town of Bethlehem4125----------------
Town of Bridgewater9274----------------
Town of Campton12823----------------
Town of Canaan13845----------------
Town of Concord4497----1-----------
Town of Coventry1015----------------
Town of Danbury4712----------------
Town of Dorchester5228----------------
Town of Ellsworth31-----------------
Town of Enfield50119----------------
Town of Franconia2748----------------
Town of Grafton9482----------------
Town of Groton5446--1-------------
Town of Hanover26875----------------
Town of Haverhill13072--1-------------
Town of Hebron3852----------------
Town of Landaff5547--1-------------
Town of Lebanon19998--------------1-
Town of Lincoln114----------------
Town of Littleton104202---------------
Town of Lyman7982----------------
Town of Lyme24737----------------
Town of New Chester7284----------------
Town of New Holderness10862----------------
Town of Orange309----------------
Town of Orford16448----------------
Town of Peeling1027----------------
Town of Piermont6290----------------
Town of Plymouth11638----------------
Town of Rumney5868----------------
Town of Thornton11722----------------
Town of Warren1478----------------
Town of Wentworth1997----------------
Hillsborough County218048009064-1-111--1-11--
Town of Amherst1914537---------------
Town of Andover119122----------------
Town of Antrim37176----------------
Town of Bedford16562----------------
Town of Boscawen221108-4-----1--------
Town of Bradford8095----------------
Town of Brookline-8216---------------
Town of Deering-18638---------------
Town of Dunbarton96107----------------
Town of Dunstable-4989---------------
Town of Fishersfield1189----------------
Town of Francestown319973---------------
Town of Goffstown432433---------------
Town of Greenfield112533--1------------
Town of Hancock26190----------------
Town of Henniker3617876---------------
Town of Hillsborough2224722---------------
Town of Hollis11710336---------------
Town of Hopkinton1402121---------------
Kearsage Gore320----------------
Town of Litchfield5413----------1--1--
Town of Lyndeborough-15040---------------
Town of Manchester3858-----1------1---
Town of Mason-9173---------------
Town of Merrimack74922---------------
Town of Milford463124-----1---------
Town of Mont Vernon26120----------------
Town of New Boston319550---------------
Town of New Ipswich17923----------------
Town of New London5954----------------
Town of Nottingham West576546---------------
Town of Peterborough14193----------------
Town of Salisbury1911521---------------
Town of Sharon2130----------------
Town of Society Land218----------------
Town of Sutton10204----------------
Town of Temple-2589---------------
Town of Warner70222----------------
Town of Weare84237----------------
Town of Wilmot2356----------------
Town of Wilton510157---------------
Town of Windsor[4]------------------
Rockingham County414840199-------1--1---1
Town of Allenstown2041----------------
Town of Atkinson3358----------------
Town of Bow4096----------------
Town of Brentwood12636----------------
Town of Candia12685--------1------1
Town of Canterbury104125----------------
Town of Chester193150----------------
Town of Chichester48111----------------
Town of Concord283168----------------
Town of Deerfield101264----------------
Town of East Kingston3041----------------
Town of Epping12572----------------
Town of Epsom26203----------------
Town of Exeter21767----------------
Town of Greenland5165----------------
Town of Hampstead7581----------------
Town of Hampton9235----------------
Town of Hampton Falls818----------------
Town of Hawke3137----------------
Town of Kensington7637----------------
Town of Kingston8551----------------
Town of Londonderry354679---------------
Town of Loudon[5]159103----------------
Town of New Castle557----------------
Town of Newington1677----------------
Town of Newmarket48121----------------
Town of Newton1657----------------
Town of North Hampton5453----------------
Town of Northfield46138----------------
Town of Northwood12079----------------
Town of Nottingham6488----------------
Town of Pelham10582----------------
Town of Pembroke15264-----------1----
Town of Pittsfield10074----------------
Town of Plaistow2644----------------
Town of Poplin5217----------------
Town of Portsmouth349526----------------
Town of Raymond7476----------------
Town of Rye11147----------------
Town of Salem12174----------------
Town of Sandown4949----------------
Town of Seabrook8311----------------
Town of South Hampton1645----------------
Town of Stratham38113----------------
Town of Windham12726----------------
Strafford County31402949----------------
Town of Alton11258----------------
Town of Barnstead79105----------------
Town of Barrington31480----------------
Town of Brookfield6335----------------
Town of Burton-21----------------
Town of Center Harbor3036----------------
Town of Conway56125----------------
Town of Dover163114----------------
Town of Durham78100----------------
Town of Eaton5111----------------
Town of Effingham37103----------------
Town of Farmington41123----------------
Town of Gilford104105----------------
Town of Gilmantown280184----------------
Town of Lee30136----------------
Town of Madbury3930----------------
Town of Meredith182144----------------
Town of Middleton5516----------------
Town of Milton9441----------------
Town of Moultonborough100103----------------
Town of New Durham7559----------------
Town of New Hampton11771----------------
Town of Ossipee56122----------------
Ossipee Gore106----------------
Town of Rochester83184----------------
Town of Sanbornton336182----------------
Town of Sandwich162169----------------
Town of Somersworth9818----------------
Town of Tamworth15349----------------
Town of Tuftonboro23103----------------
Town of Wakefield11264----------------
Town of Wolfeboro53152----------------


[1]Election to replace Samuel Smith, resigned, May 21, 1814.
[2]"To His Excellency (sic) the Governor. Sir, As there will be an Election this Summer for members to the 14th Congress I concluded it will not be inconvenient to fill a vacancy. I therefore Resign my seat in the 13th Congress. That it may be filled at the same time a new Election is made." Letter from Samuel Smith to Governor John T. Gilman. 21 May 1814.
[3]New Hampshire law required a majority for election to the U.S. House of Representatives. No candidate received a majority. Yet, there was no following election and no one took Smith's seat before the end of the Congressional session.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Windsor.
[5]Parker Noyes received 159 votes as Josiah Noyes.


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