Vermont 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, District 4

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, District 4
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Martin Chittenden, Ezra Butler, Noah Chittenden, Udney Hay, Isaac Tichenor, Amos Marsh, Charles Rich, Jonathan Robinson, Timothy Allen, Daniel Chipman, Elisha Reynolds, David Foot, Silas Hathaway, Gideon Hawley, Jacob Shafford, Gideon Spencer, Benjamin Swan, Elihu Allen, Titus Auger, William Barber, William Barney, Timothy Bliss, Ezra Bull, Paul Butler, Asaph Butler, Reuben Curtis, Francis Davis, John Fay, Elisha Fuller, William C. Harrington, James Hill, Samuel Hitchcock, Arad Hunt, William Hunter, Joel Lindy, Asa Lyon, Simon Marsh, Ezra Meach, Theophilus Middlebrooks, Nathaniel Newall, Stephen Pearl, Stephen Pierce, Samuel Pliny, Josiah Pond, Joseph Robinson, Daniel Stamford, Solomon Walbridge, John White, Enoch Woodbridge, scattering
Candidates: Martin Chittenden[1]Ezra ButlerNoah ChittendenUdney HayIsaac TichenorAmos MarshCharles RichJonathan RobinsonTimothy AllenDaniel ChipmanElisha ReynoldsDavid FootSilas HathawayGideon HawleyJacob ShaffordGideon SpencerBenjamin SwanElihu AllenTitus AugerWilliam BarberWilliam BarneyTimothy BlissEzra BullPaul ButlerAsaph ButlerReuben CurtisFrancis DavisJohn FayElisha FullerWilliam C. HarringtonJames HillSamuel HitchcockArad HuntWilliam HunterJoel LindyAsa LyonSimon MarshEzra MeachTheophilus MiddlebrooksNathaniel NewallStephen PearlStephen PierceSamuel PlinyJosiah PondJoseph RobinsonDaniel StamfordSolomon WalbridgeJohn WhiteEnoch Woodbridgescattering
Final Result: [2][3]2354218043159844333222222111111111111111111111111111111111
District of Northwest2354218043159844333222222111111111111111111111111111111111
Addison County6737593011541-1-2-2-21------1----1--1--1-------11------
Town of Addison3335------------------------------------------------
Town of Bridport5136------------------------------------------------
Town of Bristol862------------------------------------------------
Town of Cornwall[4]4863---------2----------------------1---------------
Town of Ferrisburg35521----------2------------------------------------
Town of Hancock2212------------------------------------------------
Town of Kingston139------------------------------------------------
Town of Leicester4215------------------------------------------------
Town of Lincoln-16------------------------------------------------
Town of Middlebury[5]11345-------1----------------------------------------
Town of Monkton7219------------------------------------------------
Town of New Haven[6]3293--1-----------------------1---------------------
Town of Panton1620---1-----------------1--------------------------
Town of Salisbury562621----------------------------------------------
Town of Shoreham3281----41-----------------------------------1------
Town of Starksborough451------------------------------------------------
City of Vergennes5729---4---------2---------------1----------1-------
Town of Warren-21------------------------------------------------
Town of Weybridge-4027-----------------------------------------------
Town of Whiting1054------------------------------------------------
Chittenden County9937881324-2132----2-111-11--1----11-11-1-11111---1-1-2
Town of Bolton240------------------------------------------------
Town of Burlington12554----------------------1----1----------1---------
Town of Charlotte6855--11------------------------1------1-1----------
Town of Colchester2618---1-----------------------------------------1--
Town of Duxbury1913------------------------------------------------
Town of Essex36633------------------1----------------------------
Town of Grand Isle[7]--------------------------------------------------
Town of Hinesburg6729------------------------------------------------
Town of Huntington1731------------------------------------1-----------
Town of Jericho8967-----------------------------------------------2
Town of Middlesex39103-----------------------------------------------
Town of Milton4923-------------------------------1----------------
Town of Moretown2217-----1------------------------------------------
Town of Richmond6060------------2-----------------------------------
Town of Shelburne7927-2------------1---------------------------------
Town of South Hero6551--2---3-----------------------1--1--------------
Town of Stowe[8]2344------------------------------------------------
Town of Underhill[9]1041------------------1-----------------------------
Town of Waitsfield555---------------------------------------1--------
Town of Waterbury43381-----------------------------------------------
Town of Westford3051--1---------------------------------------------
Town of Williston69516------2-------11--------------------------1----
Franklin County[10]688633-1241-2--3-2------1--1--111--------1-------1-1-1-
Town of Alburgh4037--------3-----------1---------------------------
Town of Bakersfield298----------------------------------1-------------
Town of Berkshire1332------------------------------------------------
Town of Cambridge2669-------------------------1------------------1---
Town of Enosburgh2113--1--------------1------------------------------
Town of Fairfax7362------------------------------------------------
Town of Fairfield6949------------------------------------------------
Town of Fletcher1234------------------------------------------------
Town of Georgia4298-10---------------------1------------------------
Town of Highgate6328------------------------------------------------
Town of Huntsburgh1537----------------------------------------------1-
Town of Johnson1921-----1------------------------------------------
Town of Montgomery17-------------------------------------------------
Town of North Hero1718------------------------------------------------
Town of Richford1416------------------------------------------------
Town of Saint Albans8023-2-1--------------------1-----------------------
Town of Sheldon604------------------------------------------------
Town of Swanton7062-----1----2-------------------------------1-----
Town of Vineyard[11]822--3---------------------------------------------


[2]"In the N. W. District, Hon. Martin Chittenden is re-elected by a majority of 53 votes." Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT). October 24, 1804.
[3]Most newspaper sources report 2346 total votes for Martin Chittenden and 2346 total votes for Ezra Butler, taking account for the 8 and 24 votes for each of them, respectively, which were rejected in Vineyard.
[4]The Cornwall Town Records list David Foot with 1 vote in Cornwall.
[5]The Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), September 5, reports 46 votes for Ezra Butler in Middlebury.
[6]The New Haven Town Records also list Benjamin Swan with 1 vote in New Haven (not included on the Original Election Certificates).
[7]There were no votes recorded in Grand Isle.
[8]The Stowe Town Records reverse the counts for votes in Stowe.
[9]The Underhill Town Records list Martin
[10]The Vermont Centinel (Burlington, VT) reports 680 total votes for Martin Chittenden and 611 total votes for Ezra Butler in Franklin County, which appear to account for the 8 and 24 votes for each, respectively, which were rejected in Vineyard.
[11]Although the election certificate for Vineyard was included among the returns it was "[r]ejected and not counted in the Official Canvass of votes."


Original Election Returns. State Archives, Montpelier.
Addison Town Records.
Berkshire Town Records.
Bridport Town Records.
Bristol Town Records.
Charlotte Town Records.
Cornwall Town Records.
Enosburgh Town Records.
Essex Town Records.
Ferrisburgh Town Records.
Hancock Town Records.
Jericho Town Records.
Milton Town Records.
Monkton Town Records.
Montgomery Town Records.
New Haven Town Records.
Panton Town Records.
Richford Town Records.
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Isle La Motte Town Records.
Warren Town Records.
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Windsor Federal Gazette (Windsor, VT). October 23, 1804.
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Weekly Wanderer (Randolph, VT). October 29, 1804.
The Green Mountain Patriot (Peacham, VT). October 30, 1804.
National Intelligencer (Washington, D.C). November 5, 1804.

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handwritten notes
Phil's original notebook pages that were used to compile this election. These notes are considered a draft of the electronic version. Therefore, the numbers may not match. To verify numbers you will need to check the original sources cited. Some original source material is available at the American Antiquarian Society).
handwritten notes
Phil's original notebook pages that were used to compile this election. These notes are considered a draft of the electronic version. Therefore, the numbers may not match. To verify numbers you will need to check the original sources cited. Some original source material is available at the American Antiquarian Society).
handwritten notes
Phil's original notebook pages that were used to compile this election. These notes are considered a draft of the electronic version. Therefore, the numbers may not match. To verify numbers you will need to check the original sources cited. Some original source material is available at the American Antiquarian Society).

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