Massachusetts 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, Worcester South District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, Worcester South District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Seth Hastings, Edward Bangs, Elijah Brigham, John Spurr, John Robinson, Francis Blake, Joseph Sumner
Candidates: Seth Hastings[1]Edward BangsElijah BrighamJohn SpurrJohn RobinsonFrancis BlakeJoseph Sumner
Final Result: [2]139183443211
District of Worcester South139183443211
Worcester County139183443211
Town of Brookfield17881-----
Town of Charlton8327-----
Town of Douglas606-----
Town of Dudley653-3---
Town of Grafton3465-----
Town of Leicester7634-----
Town of Mendon4660-----
Town of Milford1949-----
Town of New Braintree[3]654-----
Town of Northborough555-----
Town of Northbridge416-----
Town of Oxford3417-----
Town of Shrewsbury9348----1
Town of Southborough524---1-
Town of Spencer6214-----
Town of Sturbridge8218-----
Town of Sutton771112----
Town of Upton2826-----
Town of Uxbridge7126-----
Town of Ward1740-----
Town of Westborough39362-2--
Town of Western3824-----
Town of Worcester76130-----


[2]"Hon. SETH HASTINGS, (Anti-Republican) chosen ... We cannot forbear, on this occasion, to notice with regret and disappointment, the torpid indifference among the Republicans, which has prevailed in most of the towns in this District. In the single town of Worcester, it is ascertained that nearly an hundred Republican votes were lost. Our antagonists are challenged to name a dozen of their party, who were not at their posts. The same criminal inattention on the one side--the same vigilant assiduity on the other, may be remarked in the returns from almost every other town in the District. In some we notice with much satisfaction, the symptoms of an awakening among the people. In Brookfield, where but a few years since, every glimmering spark of Republicanism was smothered by the overbearing influence of a few individuals, it appears not to be kindling to a flame, and 'the growing brighter and brighter even unto the perfect day.' Where, but a few years since, scarcely a solitary Republican vote could be found, there are now upwards of EIGHTY, who dare to claim the character of Freemen. In Western, we have also seen with pleasure, the rapid growth of the principles for which we are contending.--In Barre, Petersham, and several other towns in the Northern district, the result has been equally flattering. On the whole we are convinced that nothing has been wanting but exertion, to carry the republican candidate in the Southern district. We have not been vanquished by the strength of federalism, but by our own sluggishness and disgraceful indifference. While we are thus 'dead in the sin of omission,' it is in vain to struggle 'against the powers of darkness!' PAUL may plant,--and APOLLO may water, but the vigilance and attention of the people, will alone give us the increase!" The National Aegis (Worcester, MA). November 3, 1802.
[3]The votes from New Braintree were not included in the Official Election Returns.


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