Massachusetts 1801 State Senate, Bristol County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1801 State Senate, Bristol County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Josiah Dean, Elisha May, David Perry, Alden Spooner, George Leonard, Seth Sprague, James Sproat, scattering
Candidates: Josiah Dean[1]Elisha MayDavid PerryAlden SpoonerGeorge LeonardSeth SpragueJames Sproatscattering
Final Result: [2][3][4][5][6]857745628-----
Bristol County857745628-----
Town of Attleborough--------
Town of Berkley--------
Town of Dartmouth475311----
Town of Dighton--------
Town of Easton--------
Town of Fall River--------
Town of Freetown--------
Town of Mansfield--------
Town of New Bedford11182-181--116
Town of Norton--------
Town of Raynham--------
Town of Rehoboth--------
Town of Somerset--------
Town of Swansea--------
Town of Taunton--------
Town of Westport-4640-----


[2]"No. Voters, 1612. Make a choice, 807." Governor's Council Records.
[3]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Timothy Bigelow and Eleazer Brooks would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[4]"SENATORIAL CANDIDATES. There are eleven vacancies in the returns of Senators for this Commonwealth... One in Bristol County; necessary to a choice 807;--Hon. ELISHA MAY 745 DAVID PERRY Esq. 628 votes." Columbian Courier (New Bedford, MA). May 16, 1801.
[5]"SENATORS--Bristol County. We have been favoured with a statement of votes in Taunton, Rehoboth, Dighton, Attleborough, Berkley, and Raynham, which in addition to those before published, give a total, of 643 for May, 574 for Dean, 495 for Perry, 222 for Spooner, 197 for Leonard, 92 for Sproat, and 119 for others.--6 other towns remain to be heard from, but by partial information obtained from them, it is calculated, that May and Dean will be chosen." Columbian Courier (New Bedford, MA). May 8, 1801.
[6]"We hear from the County of Bristol, that Mr. DEAN is chosen to the Senate for that County, that there is one vacancy, and that the Hon. Mr. MAY has the highest number of votes of the remaining Candidates." New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). May 1, 1801.


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