Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 7, Ballot 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 7, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Artemas Ward, Jonathan Grout, Nathan Tyler, John Sprague, Plingo Merick, Jeremiah Learned, Timothy Paine, Daniel Bigelow, David Bigelow, Joseph Stone
Candidates: Artemas Ward[1]Jonathan GroutNathan TylerJohn SpraguePlingo MerickJeremiah LearnedTimothy PaineDaniel BigelowDavid BigelowJoseph Stone
Final Result: [2][3]125411196113322111
District of Seven125411196113322111
Worcester County125411196113322111
Town of Ashburnham43---------
Town of Athal2920--------
Town of Barre4244-----11-
District of Berlin232--------
Town of Bolton32---------
Town of Boylston4014--------
Town of Brookfield7069--------
Town of Charlton1918-33-----
Town of Douglas25--2------
Town of Dudley842--------
Town of Fitchburg382--------
Town of Gardner923--------
Town of Gerry2031-1------
Town of Grafton1036--------
Town of Hardwick1530--------
Town of Harvard22--------1
Town of Holden2619--------
Town of Hubbardston-92--------
Town of Lancaster3613----1---
Town of Leicester3016--------
Town of Leominster641--------
Town of Lunenberg315--------
Town of Mendon4187-------
Town of Milford253--------
Town of New Braintree730--------
Town of Northborough352--------
Town of Northbridge5-13-------
Town of Oakham510--------
Town of Oxford1916-1------
Town of Paxton1029--------
Town of Petersham1686-1------
Town of Princetown6035--------
Town of Royalston3527--------
Town of Rutland3044--------
Town of Shrewsbury482512-2----
Town of Southborough1017-1------
Town of Spencer[4]638--------
Town of Sterling4216----1---
Town of Sturbridge2426--------
Town of Sutton24272-------
Town of Templeton2225--------
Town of Upton1813--------
Town of Uxbridge-738-------
Town of Ward222-1------
Town of Westborough1742-1------
Town of Western35---------
Town of Westminster4929--------
Town of Winchendon2129--------
Town of Worcester5326--------


[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. The original election was held on October 4, 1790.
[3]"The following is the result of the second trial for the choice of Federal Representatives: - Worcester District - The whole number of votes 2413 - necessary to make a choice 1207. Hon. Artemas Ward, Esq. had 1248 and is chosen. The Hon. Mr. Grout had 1081 votes." The General Advertiser and Political, Commercial and Literary Journal (Philadelphia, PA). January 6, 1791.
[4]The votes from Spencer were not included in the Original Election Returns.


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The Salem Gazette (Salem, MA). December 7, 1790.
Thomas's Massachusetts Spy: Or, The Worcester Gazette (Worcester, MA). December 9, 1790.
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