Massachusetts 1816 State Senate, Hampshire District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1816 State Senate, Hampshire District
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Samuel Lathrop, Ezra Starkweather, Elijah Paine, Ephraim Williams, Solomon Smead, Jonathan Smith, Seth Wright, Henry Dwight, Samuel Howe, Elijah Brigham, John Brooks, Ephraim Williams, Eliakim Phelps, William King
Candidates: Samuel Lathrop[1]Ezra Starkweather[2]Elijah Paine[3]Ephraim Williams[4][5]Solomon SmeadJonathan SmithSeth WrightHenry DwightSamuel HoweElijah BrighamJohn BrooksEphraim Williams[6]Eliakim PhelpsWilliam King
Final Result: [7]8117807378827126----------
District of Hampshire8117807378827126----------
Franklin County--------------
Town of Ashfield--------------
Town of Bernardston--------------
Town of Buckland--------------
Town of Charlemont13213213213030303030--1---
Town of Colrain17617617617667676767------
Town of Conway--------------
Town of Deerfield--------------
Town of Gill--------------
Town of Greenfield14314414414375757575------
Town of Hawley128127126127161616162--1--
Town of Heath--------------
Town of Leverett5050505065656565------
Town of Leyden6363636373737373------
Town of Montague--------------
Town of New Salem--------------
Town of Northfield--------------
Town of Orange--------------
Town of Rowe--------------
Town of Shelburne--------------
Town of Shutesbury--------------
Town of Sunderland--------------
Town of Warwick--------------
Town of Wendell--------------
Town of Whately--------------
Hampden County--------------
Town of Blandford12212212212239393939-----1
Town of Brimfield--------------
Town of Chester--------------
Town of Granville--------------
Town of Holland--------------
Town of Longmeadow--------------
Town of Ludlow5454545468686768------
Town of Monson--------------
Town of Montgomery--------------
Town of Palmer--------------
Town of Russell--------------
Town of South Brimfield--------------
Town of Southwick--------------
Town of Springfield--------------
Town of Tolland--------------
Town of West Springfield--------------
Town of Westfield--------------
Town of Wilbraham--------------
Hampshire County--------------
Town of Amherst--------------
Town of Belchertown30930930830877777775-1--1-
Town of Chesterfield--------------
Town of Cummington--------------
Town of Easthampton--------------
Town of Enfield--------------
Town of Goshen--------------
Town of Granby--------------
Town of Greenwich--------------
Town of Hadley--------------
Town of Hatfield--------------
Town of Middlefield--------------
Town of Northampton38038237837974737374------
Town of Norwich--------------
Town of Pelham--------------
Town of Plainfield--------------
Town of South Hadley[8]15315315315320202020------
Town of Southampton--------------
Town of Ware9797979665656565------
Town of Westhampton--------------
Town of Williamsburg--------------
Town of Worthington--------------


[5]Of Deerfield.
[6]Of Ashfield.
[7]"Whole number of votes 11190. Make a choice 5596." Boston Weekly Messenger (Boston, MA). May 16, 1816.
[8]The votes from South Hadley were rejected and not listed in the Original Returns.


Belchertown Town Records.
Blandford Town Records. Book Three. 138.
Charlemont Town Records. 331.
Colrain Town Records. Book Two. 125.
Greenfield Town Records.
Hawley Town Records.
Leverett Town Records.
Leyden Town Records. 100.
Ludlow Town Records.
Town Records. Northampton.
South Hadley Town Records.
Ware Town Records.
Franklin Herald (Greenfield, MA). April 2, 1816.
Hampshire Gazette. Publick Advertiser. (Northampton, MA). April 3, 1816.
Boston Daily Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 15, 1816.
Nantucket Gazette (Nantucket, MA). May 15, 1816.
Boston Weekly Messenger (Boston, MA). May 16, 1816.

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