New York 1803 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1803 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
Zalmon Stanford, William Taber, Benajah Thompson, John Martin, Thomas Mitchell, Joseph E. Hoff, Theodorus R. Van Wyck, Samuel Mott, Alexander Neely, Robert Sands, Henry Dodge, Stephen Barnum, Joseph Whiteley, Henry Vandeburgh, Henry Ostrom, Joseph C. Hall, Joshua H. Brett, James Burt, Robert Johnston, Samuel Towner, Ebenezer Foote, Jacob Ford, Joseph Barnum, Joshua Barnum, Jr., Stephen Barnum, Archibald Campbell, Benajah Canfield, Samuel Dodge, John Dunbar, Reed Ferris, Wayman Ferris, Charles Hurd, Samuel W. Kelly, Peter MacIntire, James Mitchell, John Patterson, Benoni Pearce, Rufus Potter, David Simmons, William Towner, Stephen Vanberburgh
Candidates: Zalmon Stanford[1]William Taber[2]Benajah Thompson[3]John Martin[4]Thomas Mitchell[5]Joseph E. Hoff[6]Theodorus R. Van Wyck[7]Samuel MottAlexander NeelyRobert SandsHenry DodgeStephen BarnumJoseph WhiteleyHenry VandeburghHenry OstromJoseph C. HallJoshua H. BrettJames BurtRobert JohnstonSamuel TownerEbenezer FooteJacob FordJoseph BarnumJoshua Barnum, Jr.Stephen BarnumArchibald CampbellBenajah CanfieldSamuel DodgeJohn DunbarReed FerrisWayman FerrisCharles HurdSamuel W. KellyPeter MacIntireJames MitchellJohn PattersonBenoni PearceRufus PotterDavid SimmonsWilliam TownerStephen Vanberburgh
Final Result: [8][9]204520252020200020001996199214791446144414351428141012049254444221111111111111111111
Dutchess County204520252020200020001996199214791446144414351428141012049254444221111111111111111111
Town of Amenia[10][11][12][13][14]1181171211181171171179410088929087881----1--------------1----1-
Town of Beckman[15][16][17][18]484948494951502022002042022001991871--------------------------
Town of Carmel12312312312312312312316161616161616---------------------------
Town of Clinton[19][20][21]154155154151155153154145146146146144145142---------------------------
Town of Fishkill3263263223263213243211381361371351371351303--------------------------
Town of Franklin[22][23]50505150484850444444444845432----1---------------1-----
Town of Fredericks7372737272737377777761-222----------------------
Town of Northeast[24]169169171167169169169414343434242373-111111-------------------
Town of Pawlings[25]1451641461421491411428781858063844810-111111--11--111111--1-1--
Town of Phillips13813813813713713813822222222222215---------------------------
Town of Poughkeepsie241240246243240242245196196192203189188186-----------------------1---
Town of Rhinebeck[26][27][28]110111110118112105112310309311310307304224614------1---1--------------
Town of Southeast14196100100969897706969708568235--------1-----------------
Town of Stanford[29]1111131151101121101123434332133302231-------------------------
Town of Washington[30][31]981021029410010389734347434538372------------1------------1


[8]The American Citizen (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) list 2089 votes for Zalmon Stanford, 2014 votes for William Tabor, 1899 votes for Thomas Mitchell, 1996 votes for Joseph E. Hoff, 1438 votes for Robert Sands, 1411 votes for Joseph Whiteley, and 1205 votes for Henry Vandeburgh.
[9]Joshua H. brett, James Burt, Robert Johnston, Samuel Towner, Ebenezer Foote and Jacob Ford were candidates for State Senate.
[10]The American Citizen (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) list 89 votes for Joseph Whiteley.
[11]Zalmon Sanford received votes as .
[12]John Martin received 1 vote as John E. Martin.
[13]Joseph E. Hoff received votes as .
[14]Alexander Neely received votes as .
[15]Zalmon Sanford received 3 votes as Zalmon Sandford.
[16]Benajah Thompson received 1 vote as Benjamin H. Thompson and 1 vote as Benjamin Thompson.
[17]Theodorus R. Van Wyck received 1 vote as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[18]Alexander Neely received 1 vote as Alexandra Neely.
[19]The American Citizen (New York, NY) lists 140 votes for Robert Sands.
[20]The Poughkeepsie Journal lists 148 votes for Robert Sands.
[21]Joseph Whiteley received 1 vote as Joseph Whitman.
[22]Benajah Thompson received 5 votes as Benjamin Thompson.
[23]Alexander Neely received 1 vote as Alexandra Neely.
[24]Joseph E. Hoff received 3 votes as Joseph Hoff.
[25]Benajah Thompson received 5 votes as Benjamin Thompson.
[26]Zalmon Sanford received 1 vote as Solomon Sanford.
[27]John Martin received 1 vote as John E. Martin.
[28]Theodorus R. Van Wyck received 1 vote as Richard Van Wyck.
[29]Joseph C. Hall received 1 vote as Joseph E. Hall.
[30]Joseph E. Hoff received 1 vote as Joseph Hoff.
[31]Thomas Mitchell received 1 vote as Thomas Mitch.


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The American Citizen (New York, NY). May 10, 1803.
The Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie, NY). May 10, 1803.
The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 11, 1803.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 13, 1803.

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