New York 1796 Assembly, Albany County

Assembly (State)
New York 1796 Assembly, Albany County
New York
First Ballot
James Bill, James Holcomb, Nathaniel Ogden, Dirck Ten Broeck, Philip P. Schuyler, Jacob Hochstrasser, Philip Conine, Jr., John H. Wendell, James C. Duane, John Prince, Lawrence Vrooman, Jacob Bogaradus, John T. Van Dalsen, Andrew N. Hermance , John Thornton, Peter A. Van Bergen
Candidates: James Bill[1]James Holcomb[2]Nathaniel Ogden[3]Dirck Ten Broeck[4]Philip P. Schuyler[5]Jacob Hochstrasser[6]Philip Conine, Jr.[7]John H. Wendell[8]James C. Duane[9]John Prince[10]Lawrence VroomanJacob BogaradusJohn T. Van DalsenAndrew N. Hermance John ThorntonPeter A. Van Bergen
Final Result: [11][12][13]143714251391137113401289128512721157862632286190159154118
Albany County143714251391137113401289128512721157862632286190159154118
City of Albany100101103110103108103109101101899---
Ward One45464647474546494546677---
Ward Two12121215121413131213-22---
Ward Three434345484449444744422-----
Town of Berne16316316316416415016316416343120-----
Town of Bethleham8388949992828596888345----
Town of Catskill841102131262226710973---
Town of Coeymans[14]4136454337403641383915-26---
Town of Coxsackie[15]1421241281239696101929092195749---
Town of Duanesburgh13915615714114013514114113914117-----
Town of Freehold7978778080716514380-76----
Town of Rensselaerville131128143140140126134139142103273----
Town of Schenectady2642302662452742662392781391651582633---
Town of Watervliet211211213213213213212209212131971----


[11]"Several other Gentleman had a few votes." The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). June 3, 1796.
[12]All three newspapers list 1337 total votes for James Bill but doing the addition of the totals from the several towns gives the above total.
[13]All three newspapers list 1225 total votes for James Holcomb but doing the addition of the totals from the several towns gives the above total.
[14]Catskill Packet, and Western Mail (Catskill, NY) lists 36 votes for James Bill, 45 votes for James Holcomb, 36 votes for Nathaniel Ogden, 39 votes for Philip Schuyler, 41 votes for Jacob Hochstrasser, 38 votes for Philip Conine, Jr., 37 votes for John Wendell, no votes for James C. Duane, 40 votes for John Prince, 26 votes for Jacob Bogaradus and no votes for J. T. Van Dalsen.
[15]The Catskill Packet, and Western Mail (Catskill, NY) lists 47 votes for Jacob Bogaradus.


The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). June 3, 1796.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). June 6, 1796.
Catskill Packet, and Western Mail (Catskill, NY). June 13, 1796.

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