New York 1813 Assembly, Orange County

Assembly (State)
New York 1813 Assembly, Orange County
New York
First Ballot
Benjamin Strong, Benjamin Webb, William Ross, Joshua Sayre, Reuben Hopkins, James Finch, Jr., James Burt, William Gillespu, James Auger, Cornelius Madden, Amzi L. Ball, William Campton, James Lusk, John Stokes, Robert Armstrong, Adam Bodine, James Carpenter, Henry Denton, John Doe, James Ellis, James R. Evertson, Richard Roe, Benjamin Sayre, Selah Strong, Strong, John Taylor, D. D. Tompkins, Samuel Tubart, Stephen Van Rensselaer, David Webb, Henry B. Wisner
Candidates: Benjamin Strong[1]Benjamin Webb[2]William Ross[3]Joshua Sayre[4]Reuben HopkinsJames Finch, Jr.James BurtWilliam GillespuJames AugerCornelius MaddenAmzi L. BallWilliam CamptonJames LuskJohn StokesRobert ArmstrongAdam BodineJames CarpenterHenry DentonJohn DoeJames EllisJames R. EvertsonRichard RoeBenjamin SayreSelah StrongStrong[5]John TaylorD. D. TompkinsSamuel TubartStephen Van RensselaerDavid WebbHenry B. Wisner
Final Result: [6][7]25262324215819551145808530833222211111111111111111
Orange County25262324215819551145808530833222211111111111111111
Town of Blooming Grove13812211887503755------------------------
Town of Cornwall[8]93928991424-------------------------
Town of Deerpark1101119381051813------------------------
Town of Goshen258156107119216161123------------------------
Town of Minisink333228196236205113156------------------------
Town of Monroe15114312112053503------------------------
Town of Montgomery34635335034317015829------------------------
Town of New Windsor17616316116120107------------------------
Town of Newburgh[9]378365404366241110------------------------
Town of Wallkill3323353132631104338------------------------
Town of Warwick[10]21125620616118820796------------------------


[5]Listed as Sheriff Strong.
[6]Political Index (Newburgh, NY) reports 2325 votes for Benjamin Webb; however, the sum of totals per town is 2324.
[7]Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY) reports 2325 votes for Benjamin Webb.
[8]Twenty-four votes for James Finch in Cornwall have been added to the total for James Finch, Jr.
[9]Orange County Gazette, and Public Advertiser (Goshen, NY) reports 363 votes for Benjamin Webb in Newburgh.
[10]Political Index (Newburgh, NY) reports 118 votes for Reuben Hopkins in Warwick; however, the sum of totals per town suggests that the figure should be 188.


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Orange County Gazette, and Public Advertiser (Goshen, NY). May 11, 1813.
Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY). May 11, 1813.
Political Index (Newburgh, NY). May 18, 1813.

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