Massachusetts 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, Kennebec District, Special

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, Kennebec District, Special
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Francis Carr, Pitt Dillingham, James Parker, James Campbell, David Cobb, Samuel Howard, John Doyer, Joshua Gage, Samuel S. Wilds, Thomas Ruggles, Elbridge Gerry, Noble Bags, James Bridge, Ambrose Howard, William King, John Loring, Samuel Phillips, Benjamin J. Porter, Benjamin Sheppard, Caleb Strong, scattering
Candidates: Francis Carr[1]Pitt DillinghamJames ParkerJames CampbellDavid CobbSamuel HowardJohn DoyerJoshua GageSamuel S. WildsThomas RugglesElbridge GerryNoble BagsJames BridgeAmbrose HowardWilliam KingJohn LoringSamuel PhillipsBenjamin J. PorterBenjamin SheppardCaleb Strongscattering
Final Result: [2]45983396181399888733211111113
District of Kennebec45983396181399888733211111113
Hancock County963679--9-----13----11---
Town of Bangor[3]6447--9----------------
Town of Blue Hill1650-------------------
Town of Buckstown65112-------------------
Town of Castine1493-------------------
Town of Dixmont3515-------------------
Town of Eden32--------------------
Town of Ellsworth2764-------------------
Town of Frankfurt14151-------------------
Town of Gouldsborough-49-------------------
Town of Hampden13140--------13-----1---
Town of Mount Desert40--------------------
Town of Orono2517-------------------
Town of Orland663-------------------
Town of Orrington879--------------1----
Town of Penobscot6436-------------------
Town of Sedgwick7023-------------------
Town of Sullivan777-------------------
Town of Surry283-------------------
Town of Trenton41--------------------
Plantation adjacent to Sullivan[4]---------------------
Kennebec County2717180618--9881-1--11----13
Town of Augusta115178-----1-------------
Town of Belgrade8437-------------------
Town of Chesterville2240-------------------
Town of Clinton13441-------------------
Town of Dearborn674-------------------
Town of Fairfax7185-------------------
Town of Farmington14274-------------------
Town of Fayette6945-----1-------------
Town of Gardiner10247-------------------
Town of Green13012-------------------
Town of Hallowell134158---3-1-------------
Town of Harlem6271-------------------
Town of Leeds14522------------------3
Town of Lubeck55--------------------
Town of Malta[5]---------------------
Town of Monmouth19132-------------------
Town of Mount Vernon12226-------------------
Town of New Sharon1233218------------------
Town of Pittston7754-------------------
Town of Readfield7077-------------------
Town of Rome5424-------------------
Town of Sidney69117---1-1-----1-------
Town of Temple2257----8--------------
Town of Unity676-------------------
Town of Vassalborough47167------------1----1-
Town of Vienna3812-------------------
Town of Waterville14342---5-2-------------
Town of Wayne6362-----2-------------
Town of Wilton4919-------------------
Town of Winslow5327-------------------
Town of Winthrop75141-------------------
Somerset County703654--------1----1--1--
Town of Anson4931-------------------
Town of Athens-39-------------------
Town of Avon366-------------------
Town of Brewer3742-------------------
Town of Canaan5693----------------1--
Town of Carmel20--------------------
Town of Corinth286-------------------
Town of Cornville442-------------------
Town of Embden3915-------------------
Town of Fairfield11152-------------1-----
Town of Freeman3012-------------------
Town of Harmony3321-------------------
Town of Industry3828-------------------
Town of Madison4751-------------------
Town of Mercer4627-------------------
Town of New Portland4718--------1----------
Town of New Vineyard3819-------------------
Town of Norridgewock2298-------------------
Town of Palmyra[6]---------------------
Town of Phillips496-------------------
Town of Sebec297-------------------
Town of Solon2026-------------------
Town of Starks3167-------------------
Town of Strong3531-------------------
West Pond[7]---------------------
Washington County216257-13----77--2--------
Town of Addison[8]---------------------
Town of Calais[9]---------------------
Town of Cherryfield-18-------------------
Town of Columbia1343-------------------
Town of Eastport6630----------2--------
Town of Eddington2811-------------------
Town of Harrington2618-------------------
Town of Jonesborough-34-------------------
Town of Machias8393------77-----------
Town of Steuben-44-13-----------------
Plantation No. 22[10]---------------------


[2]Special election, held April 6, 1812, to fill the seat of Barzillai Gannett, having resigned July 29, 1811 before the 12th Congress convened.
[3]Francis Carr received 1 vote as Francis Carr, Jr..
[4]There were no votes in Plantation adjacent to Sullivan.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Malta.
[6]There were no votes recorded in Palmyra.
[7]There were no votes recorded in West Pond.
[8]There were no votes recorded in Addison.
[9]There were no votes recorded in Calais.
[10]There were no votes recorded in Plantation No. 22.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Gazette of Maine. Hancock and Washington Advertiser (Buckstown, ME). April 10, 1812.

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