Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Worcester County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Worcester County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Thomas Hale, Salem Town, Jonas Kendall, Elijah Brigham, Moses White, Samuel Jones, Pliny Merrick, Edward Bangs, John Whiting, Jonas Brigham, John Spurr, Cheney Reed, Benjamin Howard, Thomas Russell, Timothy Whiting, Frost Rockwood, Joshua Hale, Ebenezer Fletcher, Jeremiah Stiles
Candidates: Thomas Hale[1]Salem Town[2]Jonas Kendall[3]Elijah Brigham[4]Moses WhiteSamuel JonesPliny MerrickEdward BangsJohn WhitingJonas BrighamJohn SpurrCheney ReedBenjamin HowardThomas RussellTimothy WhitingFrost RockwoodJoshua HaleEbenezer FletcherJeremiah Stiles
Final Result: [5]4933493249244923---------------
Worcester County4933493249244923---------------
Town of Ashburnham-------------------
Town of Athal12012012012024242424-----------
Town of Barre133133133133127127127127-----------
District of Berlin868686866666-----------
Town of Bolton-------------------
Town of Boylston6766676618171817-----------
Town of Brookfield2652652632641611601561591111-------
Town of Charlton75747575182181182182----1------
Town of Dana1818181868686868-----------
Town of Douglas8888888863636363-----------
Town of Dudley9898989849494949-----------
Town of Fitchburg8888888895959595-----------
Town of Gardner1001009910021211921-----------
Town of Gerry12112112012115151515-----------
Town of Grafton-------------------
Town of Hardwick13313313313392929292-----------
Town of Harvard-------------------
Town of Holden14514514514520202020-----------
Town of Hubbardston4444444461616161-----------
Town of Lancaster-------------------
Town of Leicester11912111911471726768-----------
Town of Leominster11811811811887878787-----------
Town of Lunenberg-------------------
Town of Mendon56565656135135135135-----------
Town of Milford-------------------
Town of New Braintree10210210210215151515-----------
Town of Northborough9595959516171717-----------
Town of Northbridge4343434337373737-----------
Town of Oakham6666666621212121-----------
Town of Oxford11611611611645454545-----------
Town of Paxton6363636321222222-----------
Town of Petersham117117117117115115115115-----------
Town of Princetown11111211211211111111-----1-----
Town of Royalston15615615615633333333-----------
Town of Rutland-------------------
Town of Shrewsbury13413413413473737373-----------
Town of Southborough9090909014141414-----------
Town of Spencer6565656574747474-----------
Town of Sterling17517517417527282828-----------
Town of Sturbridge107107107107103103103103-----------
Town of Sutton-------------------
Town of Templeton9998989873737272-----------
Town of Upton-------------------
Town of Uxbridge10410410310499999999-----------
Town of Ward-------------------
Town of West Boylston-------------------
Town of Westborough7373707493839390-----------
Town of Western5757575753535353-----------
Town of Westminster16516516516540404040-----------
Town of Winchendon11311411311442424243-----------
Town of Worcester1291291291292012012001894-----11111


[5]"No. Voters, 8285. Make a choice, 4143." Governor's Council Records.


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