Massachusetts 1788 State Senate, Hampshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1788 State Senate, Hampshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Caleb Strong, John Hastings, John Bliss, David Sexton, William Rodman, Oliver Phelps, Samuel Fowler, Phineas Stebbins, Daniel Cooley, William Lyman, William Shepard, Samuel Lyman, Simeon Strong, Solomon Stoddard, David Smead, Samuel Phelps, Samuel Field, Robinson, Benjamin Eli, Wareham Parks, Samuel Mather, Job Wright, Hugh MacClellan, Noah Goodman, Ebenezer Mattoon, William Pynchon
Candidates: Caleb Strong[1]John Hastings[2]John BlissDavid SextonWilliam RodmanOliver PhelpsSamuel FowlerPhineas StebbinsDaniel CooleyWilliam LymanWilliam ShepardSamuel LymanSimeon StrongSolomon StoddardDavid SmeadSamuel PhelpsSamuel FieldRobinsonBenjamin EliWareham ParksSamuel MatherJob WrightHugh MacClellanNoah GoodmanEbenezer MattoonWilliam Pynchon
Final Result: [3][4]14601441126712401082962--------------------
Hampshire County14601441126712401082962--------------------
Town of Amherst353434355552-5754----3----411-----
Town of Ashfield--------------------------
Town of Belchertown414141415656-5656-----------------
Town of Bernardston181717132228--123------1----2----
Town of Blandford3332333321273021-11--2611----------
Town of Brimfield55555555111111--11----------------
Town of Buckland--------------------------
Town of Charlemont62322-----------15-17---------
Town of Chester--------------------------
Town of Chesterfield30303030----------------------
Town of Colrain21211-212121--21----21-------20---
Town of Conway----282828--28----------------
Town of Cummington--------------------------
Town of Deerfield393939371818---18------17---------
District of Easthampton--------------------------
Town of Goshen22222222----------------------
Town of Granby--------------------------
Town of Granville[5]--------------------------
Town of Greenfield--------------------------
Town of Greenwich2929292937--373737----------------
Town of Hadley--------------------------
Town of Hatfield53495352----------------------
Town of Heath--------------------------
Town of Holland--------------------------
Town of Leverett--------------------------
District of Leyden8---111411--3----4-12---------
Town of Longmeadow3033303030128--28-302-------------
Town of Ludlow--------------------------
Town of Middlefield--------------------------
Town of Monson--------------------------
Town of Montague22222222-2121-21-------21---------
Town of Montgomery26-26-------26------26--------
Town of New Salem--------------------------
Town of Northfield48373837----------------------
Town of Northampton126128124124141617--14------4---------
Town of Norwich--------------------------
District of Orange--------------------------
Town of Palmer--------------------------
Town of Pelham--------------------------
District of Plainfield--------------------------
Town of Rowe--------------------------
Town of Shelburne244136201415--26-------25---------
Town of Shutesbury--------------------------
Town of South Brimfield777728282828------------------
Town of South Hadley37354027-755-7----1--7-----1344
Town of Southampton60606060----------------------
Town of Southwick[6]--------------------------
Town of Springfield82808076----------------------
Town of Sunderland--------------------------
Town of Ware999936-363636-----------------
Town of Warwick--------------------------
Town of Wendell[7]--------------------------
Town of West Springfield2323-23108109108--10818---------------
Town of Westfield40404040808080--80----------------
Town of Westhampton44444338----------------------
Town of Whately88-711----7----8-----------
Town of Wilbraham--------------------------
Town of Williamsburg141514831216--23----------------
Town of Worthington--------------------------


[3]"No. Voters, 2651. Make a choice, 1326." Governor's Council Records.
[4]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. John Bliss and David Sexton would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[5]According to The Hampshire Chronicle (Springfield, MA), Caleb Strong, Samuel Lyman, Timothy Robertson, and Samuel Fowler received the majority of votes cast in the town of Granville.
[6]According to The Hampshire Chronicle (Springfield, MA), Oliver Phelps, Samuel Fowler, William Lyman, and William Bodman received the majority of votes cast in the town of Southwick.
[7]According to The Hampshire Chronicle (Springfield, MA), John Hastings, Caleb Strong, David Sexton, and John Bliss received the majority of votes cast in the town of Wendell.


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