South Carolina 1800 House of Representatives, Charleston City

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
South Carolina 1800 House of Representatives, Charleston City
South Carolina
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
James Lowndes, Thomas Roper, Thomas Somersall, Thomas Bennett, Lewis Morris, John Johnson, Jr., Henry W. Desaussure, Thomas Simmons, Thomas R. Smith, Adam Gilchrist, Henry M. Rutledge, John Dawson, Jr., William Price, John Drayton, Robert Howard, Jacob Saas, William S. Smith, Domenick A. Hall, John Horlbeck, Jr., Joseph Alston, Thomas H. MacCalla, Seth Paine, Joseph Peace, John Williamson
Candidates: James Lowndes[1]Thomas Roper[2]Thomas Somersall[3]Thomas Bennett[4]Lewis Morris[5]John Johnson, Jr.[6]Henry W. Desaussure[7]Thomas Simmons[8]Thomas R. Smith[9]Adam Gilchrist[10]Henry M. Rutledge[11]John Dawson, Jr.[12]William Price[13]John Drayton[14]Robert Howard[15]Jacob SaasWilliam S. SmithDomenick A. HallJohn Horlbeck, Jr.Joseph AlstonThomas H. MacCallaSeth PaineJoseph PeaceJohn Williamson
Final Result: [16]954943938935917874615601592586582580498494492464429422419404399370356343
District of Charleston954943938935917874615601592586582580498494492464429422419404399370356343
Saint Michael Parish------------------------
Saint Philip Parish------------------------


[14]John Drayton is elected to the house, and to the Office of Governor of South Carolina, where he served.
[15]Robert Howard is elected, but resigned from the house.
[16]The election in Charleston was protested by William S. Smith, Domenick A. Hall, John Horlbeck, Jr., Thomas H. MacCalla, Seth Paine, John Williamson, Joseph Alston, and Jacob Sass, who claimed that about two hundred people voted in the election who were not qualified. Some people were not included on the voter list. They also charged that bystanders had counted the ballots, instead of the managers of the election.


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