New Hampshire 1792 Electoral College, Ballot 2

Electoral College (Federal)
New Hampshire 1792 Electoral College, Ballot 2
New Hampshire
Second Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Josiah Bartlett, John Taylor Gilman, Jonathan Freeman, John Pickering, Benjamin Bellows, Ebenezer Thompson
Electors: Josiah Bartlett[1]John Taylor Gilman[2]Jonathan Freeman[3]John Pickering[4]Benjamin Bellows[5]Ebenezer Thompson[6]
Presidential Candidate:George Washington / John AdamsGeorge Washington / John AdamsGeorge Washington / John AdamsGeorge Washington / John AdamsGeorge Washington / John AdamsGeorge Washington / John Adams
Final Result: [7][8]------
Cheshire County------
Town of Acworth------
Town of Alstead------
Town of Charlestown------
Town of Chesterfield------
Town of Claremont------
Town of Cornish------
Town of Croydon------
Town of Dublin------
Town of Fitzwilliam------
Town of Gilsum------
Town of Goshen------
Town of Hinsdale------
Town of Jaffrey------
Town of Keene------
Town of Langdon------
Town of Lempster------
Town of Marlborough------
Town of Marlow------
Town of New Grantham------
Town of Newport------
Town of Packersfield------
Town of Plainfield------
Town of Richmond------
Town of Rindge------
Town of Springfield------
Town of Stoddard------
Town of Sullivan[9]------
Town of Surry------
Town of Swanzey------
Town of Unity------
Town of Walpole------
Town of Washington------
Town of Wendell------
Town of Westmoreland------
Town of Winchester------
Grafton County------
Town of Adams------
Town of Alexandria------
Town of Bartlett------
Town of Bath------
Town of Bethlehem------
Town of Bridgewater------
Town of Campton------
Town of Canaan------
Town of Chatham------
Town of Cockburne------
Town of Colebrook------
Town of Concord------
Town of Coventry------
Town of Dalton------
Town of Danbury------
Town of Dorchester------
Town of Ellsworth------
Town of Enfield------
Town of Franconia------
Town of Grafton------
Town of Groton------
Town of Hanover------
Town of Haverhill------
Town of Hebron------
Town of Jefferson------
Town of Lancaster------
Town of Landaff------
Town of Lebanon------
Town of Lincoln------
Town of Littleton[10]------
Town of Lyman------
Town of Lyme------
Town of New Chester------
Town of New Holderness------
Town of Northumberland------
Town of Orange------
Town of Orford------
Town of Peeling------
Town of Percy------
Town of Piermont------
Town of Plymouth------
Town of Rumney------
Town of Stewartstown------
Town of Stratford------
Town of Thornton------
Town of Warren------
Town of Wentworth------
Town of Whitefield------
Hillsborough County------
Town of Amherst------
Town of Andover------
Town of Antrim------
Town of Bedford------
Town of Boscawen------
Town of Bradford------
Town of Brookline------
Town of Deering------
Town of Derryfield------
Town of Dunbarton------
Town of Dunstable------
Town of Fishersfield------
Town of Francestown[11]------
Town of Goffstown------
Town of Greenfield------
Town of Hancock[12]------
Town of Henniker------
Town of Hillsborough------
Town of Hollis------
Town of Hopkinton------
Kearsage Gore------
Town of Litchfield------
Town of Lyndeborough------
Town of Mason------
Town of Merrimack------
Town of Milford------
Town of Mont Vernon------
Town of New Boston------
Town of New Ipswich------
Town of New London------
Town of Nottingham West------
Town of Peterborough------
Town of Salisbury------
Town of Sharon------
Town of Society Land------
Town of Sutton------
Town of Temple------
Town of Warner------
Town of Weare------
Town of Wilton------
Town of Windsor------
Rockingham County------
Town of Allenstown------
Town of Atkinson------
Town of Bow------
Town of Brentwood------
Town of Candia------
Town of Canterbury------
Town of Chester------
Town of Chichester------
Town of Concord------
Town of Deerfield------
Town of East Kingston------
Town of Epping------
Town of Epsom------
Town of Exeter------
Town of Greenland------
Town of Hampstead------
Town of Hampton------
Town of Hampton Falls------
Town of Hawke------
Town of Kensington------
Town of Kingston------
Town of Londonderry------
Town of Loudon------
Town of New Castle------
Town of Newington------
Town of Newmarket------
Town of Newton------
Town of North Hampton------
Town of Northfield------
Town of Northwood------
Town of Nottingham------
Town of Pelham------
Town of Pembroke[13]------
Town of Pittsfield------
Town of Plaistow------
Town of Poplin------
Town of Portsmouth------
Town of Raymond------
Town of Rye------
Town of Salem------
Town of Sandown------
Town of Seabrook------
Town of South Hampton------
Town of Stratham------
Town of Windham------
Strafford County------
Town of Alton------
Town of Barnstead------
Town of Barrington------
Town of Brookfield------
Town of Burton------
Town of Center Harbor------
Town of Conway------
Town of Dover------
Town of Durham------
Town of Eaton------
Town of Effingham------
Town of Farmington------
Town of Gilmantown------
Town of Lee------
Town of Madbury------
Town of Meredith------
Town of Middleton------
Town of Milton------
Town of Moultonborough------
Town of New Durham------
Town of New Hampton------
Town of Ossipee------
Ossipee Gore------
Town of Rochester------
Town of Sanbornton------
Town of Sandwich------
Town of Somersworth------
Town of Tamworth------
Town of Tuftonboro------
Town of Wakefield------
Town of Wolfeboro------


[7]There were 25564 votes cast.
[8]"In case there shall not be a Majority of votes for the number of Electors wanted then within the thirty four days required by the Act of Congress the meetings shall be held a second time and double the number taken from those who shall appear to have the highest number of votes shall be sent out to be voted for at the said second meeting and the Six persons who shall have the highest number of votes shall be declared Electors." New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers. Vol. XXII. Concord, NH: State of New Hampshire, 1867. 581.
[9]"There was a second election on November 12, 1792, but there was no town meeting in Sullivan on that day." A History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire: 1777-1917. 242.
[10]"No meeting was called or held at the presidential election of 1792." History of Littleton, New Hampshire. 222.
[11]"At a meeting November 12, 1792, this town cast only 16 votes for Presidential Electors. It was the second election of Washington and there was no rivalry or opposition apparent." History of Francestown, N.H.. 138.
[12]"Six electors were voted for; only eleven votes cast for any one candidate, three candidates receiving but ten each." The History of Hancock, New Hampshire. 114.
[13]"Another special meeting was held November 12, and votes were brought in for 'vacant' presidential electors, and 'vacant' representatives to Congress. Only 23 of the legal voters of the town brought in their ballots, showing a great lack of enthusiasm, or a strong feeling of security touching the welfare of the country in view of a possible change of administration." History of Pembroke, N.H.: 1730-1895. 154.


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