Indiana 1809 Territorial Legislature, Dearborn County, Special

Territorial Legislature (Territory)
Territorial Representative
Indiana 1809 Territorial Legislature, Dearborn County, Special
First Ballot
Territorial Legislature/Territorial Representative
Ephraim Overman, Ewell Kindell, Robert Pratt
Candidates: Ephraim Overman[1]Ewell KindellRobert Pratt
Final Result: [2][3]---
Dearborn County---
District of Seven73241


[2]Ephraim Overman was elected in a Special Election held after the Governor ordered a re-apportionment of the House of Assembly.
[3]"Whereas from the late division of the Territory it has become necessary to make a new apportionment of the Representatives to the general assembly. . . And I do further direct that the election from the counties of Knox, Clark, and Dearborn, and for the member hereby assigned to the county of Harrison, shall be held on Monday the twenty second day of May next ensuing." The Western Sun (Vincennes, IN). April 15, 1809.


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