Massachusetts 1816 U.S. House of Representatives, Berkshire District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1816 U.S. House of Representatives, Berkshire District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Henry Shaw, Daniel Noble, William P. Walker, John Whiting, scattering
Candidates: Henry Shaw[1]Daniel NobleWilliam P. WalkerJohn Whitingscattering
Final Result: 201517996657
District of Berkshire201517996657
Berkshire County199517406657
Town of Adams15248-1-
Town of Alford[2]2930---
Town of Becket2276---
Town of Chesire2133---
Town of Clarksburg1116---
Town of Dalton3358---
Town of Egremont[3]-----
Town of Florida[4]1122---
Town of Great Barrington56111-2-
Town of Hancock47451--
Town of Hinsdale1859---
Town of Lanesborough78103---
Town of Lee25145---
Town of Lenox151362--
Town of Mount Washington[5]-----
District of New Ashford3712---
Town of New Marlborough53145-2-
Town of Otis4977---
Town of Peru1483---
Town of Pittsfield231100--1
Town of Richmond6313--55
Town of Sandisfield11868---
Town of Savoy769---
Town of Sheffield771243--
District of Southfield78---
Town of Stockbridge9082---
Town of Tyringham8252---
Town of Washington1040---
Town of West Stockbridge7332-11
Town of Williamstown13283---
Town of Windsor3760---
Hampshire County2059---
Town of Middlefield2059---


[2]The votes from Alford were not included in the Original Election Returns.
[3]"Three towns in the District remain to be heard from, exclusive of Egremont, in which, it is said, there was no meeting, through a mistake." The Pittsfield Sun (Pittsfield, MA). November 13, 1816.
[4]The votes from Florida were not included in the Original Election Returns.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Mount Washington.


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