Massachusetts 1803 Governor's Council

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
Massachusetts 1803 Governor's Council
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Oliver Wendell, Alexander Campbell, John Hastings, Stephen Bullock, Salem Towne, Nathaniel Marsh, Woodbury Storer, William Tudor, John Hooker
Candidates: Oliver Wendell[1]Alexander Campbell[2]John Hastings[3]Stephen Bullock[4]Salem Towne[5]Nathaniel Marsh[6]Woodbury Storer[7]William Tudor[8]John Hooker[9]
Final Result: [10][11][12]229225225223213162155145142
General Court229225225223213162155145142


[10]Woodbury Storer, William Tudor and John Hooker declined to serve in the Council. A second ballot was held on May 28, and Robert Treat Paine, Nathan Cushing and Artemas Ward were chosen.
[11]"On Wednesday, agreeably to the Constitution, the Civil Government of this Commonwealth was reorganized ... Yesterday the Senators and Representatives again met in Convention, for the purpose of choosing Nine COUNSELLORS for advising the Governor in the Executive part of government. The whole number of votes was 229--115 making a choice; the following gentlemen had the subsequent numbers, viz. ...The Hon. Messrs. STOROR, TUDOR, and HOOKER, declined, accepting seats at the Council Board. The two branches in Convention, proceeded to supply the deficiency in the Council; when the Hon. ROBERT TREAT PAINE, NATHAN CUSHING, and ARTEMAS WARD, Esquires, were elected." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 28, 1803.
[12]"A convention of the Senate and House was formed for the purpose of qualifying the gentlemen elected Counsellors yesterday, by administering the necessary oaths--and for the purpose of electing three counsellors in the room of the Hon. Messrs. STORER, TUDOR and HOOKER, who had declined accepting that office. The gentlemen who had accepted were qualified agreeaby to law; and the Hon. ROBERT TREAT PAINE, NATHAN CUSHING, and ARTEMAS WARD, Esquires, were chosen in the room of the gentlemen who declined serving." New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). May 31, 1803.


Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 28, 1803.
New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). May 31, 1803.

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