New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Middlesex County

Assembly (State)
New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Middlesex County
New Jersey
First Ballot
James Parker, James Voorhees, Alexander Dunn, John Smith, John Gilman, Jonathon Freeman
Candidates: James Parker[1]James Voorhees[2]Alexander Dunn[3]John SmithJohn GilmanJonathon Freeman
Final Result: [4][5][6][7][8][9]926913907562544528
Middlesex County926913907562544528
East Windsor373537403535
City of New Brunswick260259261878587
Perth Amboy532930372722
South Amboy128142135102104100
South Brunswick147147148272929
West Windsor646572282822


[4]The Guardian; or, New-Brunswick Advertiser (New Brunswick, NJ) reports 927 votes for James Parker but the township totals add up to 926.
[5]The Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ) reports 927 votes for James Parker.
[6]"As far as our information extends, the following counties have returned full federal representations to the Legislature, viz. Bergen, Middlesex, Somerset, Burlington, Gloucester and Cape-May. ... The important change which has taken place the year past in favour of WASHINGTON POLICY, in New Jersey, is highly honorable to the people of the state. American men and American measures are evidently coming again into fashion. The persecuting men who for a time past have swayed our Councils and pulled down the old faithful Friends of the People who stood the brunt of our Revolutionary contest with Great-Britain, for the purpose of putting into power young men and factious foreigners who have lately come among us to disturb our peace and eat our substance, must now give way to the Friends of Free Government and Liberty of Conscience." Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[7]"Election News.--The various reports in circulation last week relative to the result of the late election in the different counties in this state, were the cause of no small diversion among the politicians of Trenton. The countenances of the different partizans were alternately lengthened and contracted, as rumour, with her hundred tongues, every few hours changed the prospect before us. ... Monday morning--good news from Middlesex--federal ticket in by large majority." Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[8]"MIDDLESEX COUNTY. By the following returns it will be seen that the federal ticket has succeeded in Middlesex by a majority of about 300.--Those who look for the cause of this, will find it in the remissness--the very culpable remissness--of the republicans.--In 1803, the republicans of that county gave in 1375 votes, and this year but 573!!--In Woodbridge, the republicans took in 1803 near 500 votes, and this year not 200!!--The least exertion on the part of the republicans of Middlesex would have carried their whole ticket--as the federalists gave in this year but about 900--near 500 less than the republicans gave in 1803.--While republicans are thus careless and inattentive to their elective rights, they always will and they always ought to be defeated--if all the blessings we enjoy under a free government are not thought worth a vote once a year--we can have no room to murmur if those blessings are one day swallowed up by some aspiring and unprincipled tyrant." The True American (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[9]"By the above it will be seen that the federal majority, taking the two highest numbers, is three hundred and fifty-four--last year it was ninety-one." Guardian; or, New-Brunswick Advertiser (New Brunswick, NJ). October 23, 1806.


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