New York 1812 Assembly, Madison County

Assembly (State)
New York 1812 Assembly, Madison County
New York
First Ballot
Jonathan Olmstead, Walter Beecher, John D. Henry, Erastus Cleveland, William Whipple, Henry Clark, Nehemiah Huntington, Nathaniel Cole, Bennet Bicknell, Russell Atwater, Francis A. Bloodgood, Ethel Bronson, Robert Campbell, Archibald S. Clarke, Thomas R. Gold, Elijah Holt, Henry Hager, Daniel Le Roy, Thomas Skinner, Myron Taylor, Wicked Will
Candidates: Jonathan OlmsteadWalter BeecherJohn D. HenryErastus ClevelandWilliam WhippleHenry ClarkNehemiah HuntingtonNathaniel ColeBennet BicknellRussell AtwaterFrancis A. BloodgoodEthel BronsonRobert CampbellArchibald S. ClarkeThomas R. GoldElijah HoltHenry HagerDaniel Le RoyThomas SkinnerMyron TaylorWicked Will
Final Result: [1]146012861276114910317967471615111111111111
Madison County146012861276114910317967471615111111111111
Town of Brookfield1771521841531571763--------------
Town of Cazenovia161861971041331871-------1------
Town of De Ruyter66107651061063032--------------
Town of Eaton[2][3][4]1111518413437-101-111--1--1----
Town of Hamilton[5][6]146641406259-141-1-----------1
Town of Lebanon[7][8][9]140331383233-138--------------
Town of Lenox[10][11]6514361136133-71-1--11--1-1---
Town of Madison165124160127102157477---------1--
Town of Nelson[12][13][14]14978145757511336--------------
Town of Smithfield215234367753422171---------1---
Town of Sullivan651146614314391387----------1-


[1]The Original Election Returns list 1296 total votes for Walter Beecher and 1151 total votes for Erastus Cleveland, but the sums of town results add up to the figures given here.
[2]Nehemiah Huntington received 1 vote as Jeremiah Huntington.
[3]In Eaton, one ticket each for State Senate candidates Archibald S. Clarke, Henry Hager, Francis A. Bloodgood, and Russell Atwater was erroneously put into the box for Assembly.
[4]The Pilot and Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) report 100 votes for Nehemiah Huntington in Eaton.
[5]William Whipple received 1 vote as Wm. Whipple.
[6]The Pilot, May 27, and Utica Patriot (Utica, NY), June 2, report 58 votes for John D. Henry in Hamilton.
[7]Nehemiah Huntington received 1 vote as Neh. Huntington.
[8]The Pilot and Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) report 137 votes for Nehemiah Huntington in Lebanon.
[9]The Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 33 votes for Oliver Clark in Lebanon.
[10]In Lenox, one ticket each for State Senate candidates Elijah Holt, Ethel Bronson, Robert Campbell, and Daniel LeRoy was erroneously put into the box for Assembly.
[11]The Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 139 votes for Erastus Cleveland in Lenox.
[12]John D. Henry received 1 vote as John Henry.
[13]The Pilot and Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) report 144 votes for John D. Henry.
[14]The Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 74 votes for William Whipple.


Original Election Returns.
The Pilot (Cazenovia, NY). May 27, 1812.
Utica Patriot (Utica, NY). June 2, 1812.

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