New York 1823 Assembly, Westchester County

Assembly (State)
New York 1823 Assembly, Westchester County
New York
First Ballot
Niles Frost, Nehemiah Brown, Jr., Benjamin Ferris, Hachaliah Baley, James Drake, Edward Sutton, Henry Lockwood, Hezekiah Brown, Ezra Lockwood, Phinehas Barret, David Reynolds, Samuel Young, Oliver F. Green, Benjamin Isaacs, John Smith, John Theale, Jonathan Ward, Patt F. Tiglie, Absalom G. Dixon
Candidates: Niles FrostNehemiah Brown, Jr.Benjamin FerrisHachaliah BaleyJames DrakeEdward SuttonHenry LockwoodHezekiah BrownEzra LockwoodPhinehas BarretDavid ReynoldsSamuel YoungOliver F. GreenBenjamin IsaacsJohn SmithJohn ThealeJonathan WardPatt F. TiglieAbsalom G. Dixon
Final Result: 101581680725922662111111111111
Westchester County101581680725922662111111111111
Town of Bedford[1]10193102511--1-----------
Town of Cortland978789126--------------
Town of Eastchester[2]292929-------------111
Town of Greenburgh[3]5221292423--------------
Town of Harrison383838----------------
Town of Mamaroneck403941-1--------------
Town of Mount Pleasant14279588759------1-------
Town of New Castle451173637-------1------
Town of New Rochelle242424----------------
Town of North Castle31373712--------11----
Town of North Salem756867109--------------
Town of Pelham655----------------
Town of Poundridge[4]566767---2-111--------
Town of Rye465249-1----------1---
Town of Scarsdale666----------------
Town of Somers[5]74152164586-------------
Town of South Salem47474444--------------
Town of Westchester[6]-------------------
Town of White Plains293333-3--------------
Town of Yonkers434343----------------
Town of Yorktown3419181612--------------


[1]Nehemiah Brown, Jr. received 2 votes as Nehemiah Brown.
[2]For Hachaliah Baley, the one vote for him in Eastchester, as reported in the Westchester Herald (Mount Pleasant, NY) November 25, 1823, appears to be blurred and poorly type set, and perhaps was not meant to be there. Also, the three Republicans each polled 29, and the three scattering votes were probably meant to be a Ticket, so the one vote for Hachaliah Baley would have had to be a single vote, which was not usually done.
[3]Nehemiah Brown, Jr. received 8 votes as Nehemiah Brown.
[4]The Westchester Herald (Mount Pleasant, NY) for 1823, the November 11th issue, has some partial returns and for the town of Poundridge they give the following statement: "Poundridge gave about 70 votes for the regular ticket - opposition." The mistake for Niles Frost appears to be in this town; there were 3 Assemblymen to be elected and in Poundridge, the other two Republicans [Nehemiah Brown, Jr. and Benjamin Ferris] both poll 67 votes, which is close to the previous unofficial statement of "about 70." Tthe five reported votes for Niles Frost was likely meant to be 56, which then gives him the total of 1015.
[5]Nehemiah Brown, Jr. received 4 votes as Nehemiah Brown.
[6]No Returns


Westchester Herald (Mount Pleasant, NY). November 25, 1823.

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