Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Western District

Electoral College (Federal)
Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Western District
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Ebenezer Hunt, Caleb Strong, William Shepard, Justin Ely, Samuel Henshaw, David Sexton, John Williams, Samuel Fowler, John Hastings, Wareham Parks, Joseph Lyman, William Lyman, John Taylor, Abel Whitney
Electors: Ebenezer HuntCaleb StrongWilliam ShepardJustin ElySamuel HenshawDavid SextonJohn WilliamsSamuel FowlerJohn HastingsWareham ParksJoseph LymanWilliam LymanJohn TaylorAbel Whitney
Presidential Candidate:George Washington
Final Result: [1][2]5394122871574725163321111
District of Western Two5394122871574725163321111
Hampshire County5394122871574725163321111
Town of Ashfield44-4-----------
Town of Bernardston-262-----------
Town of Blandford-57------------
Town of Buckland-33------------
Town of Chester-438-----------
Town of Chesterfield64-14-------1--
Town of Colrain-31------------
Town of Conway71-----11-------
Town of Deerfield-827---5-------
District of Easthampton143------------
Town of Gill-273-----------
Town of Goshen35-------------
Town of Granville-634-----------
Town of Greenfield--15218---------
Town of Hadley2372-2---2-----
Town of Hatfield22-------1-----
Town of Heath-----25--------
District of Leyden-214-----------
Town of Middlefield---30----------
Town of Montague----23---------
Town of Montgomery711------------
Town of Northfield14-11-----------
Town of Northampton1362-19--------1-
Town of Norwich8-2811---------
Town of Russell--12-----------
Town of Shelburne--38-----------
Town of Southampton48530-----------
Town of Southwick-1914----------
Town of Sunderland4-15-----------
Town of West Springfield--687----------
Town of Westfield-56610---3-21--1
Town of Westhampton59---3---------
Town of Whately24-------------
Town of Williamsburg[3]--------------


[1]A majority was required for an elector to be elected. Ebenezer Hunt was eventually chosen by the Massachusetts General Court.
[2]Ebenezer Hunt voted for John Adams in the Electoral College. Whether his second vote was cast for Thomas Pinckney, Oliver Ellsworth or Samuel Johnston is unknown.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Willamsburg.


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