Pennsylvania 1824 House of Representatives, Philadelphia County

House of Representatives (State)
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Pennsylvania 1824 House of Representatives, Philadelphia County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Jonathan T. Knight, David Snyder, James A. Mahany, George N. Baker, Robert O'Neill, Joseph Starne, Joel B. Sutherland, Nathan Nathans, Jacob B. Coats, Robert Carr, Jesse Y. Castor, Charles M. Pastorius, William Binder, William Weaver, J. D. Goodwin, Robert Kennedy, John Carter, John Y. Bryant, J. B. Heston, J. Parry, J. Durney, G. D. Benneville, S. Wiatt
Candidates: Jonathan T. Knight[1]David Snyder[2]James A. Mahany[3]George N. Baker[4]Robert O'Neill[5]Joseph Starne[6]Joel B. Sutherland[7]Nathan NathansJacob B. CoatsRobert CarrJesse Y. CastorCharles M. PastoriusWilliam BinderWilliam WeaverJ. D. GoodwinRobert KennedyJohn CarterJohn Y. BryantJ. B. HestonJ. ParryJ. DurneyG. D. BennevilleS. Wiatt
Final Result: [8][9][10]2914279627602708268526542544252324642344151913511277125912541240119010622726242217
Philadelphia County2914279627602708268526542544252324642344151913511277125912541240119010622726242217


[8]The Bradford Settler (Towanda, PA) and Aurora. General Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) list Jonathan T. Knight with 2885 votes, David Snyder with 2779 votes, James A. Mahany with 2731 votes, George N. Baker with 2680 votes, Robert O'Neill with 2659 votes, Joseph Starne with 2621 votes, Joel B. Sutherland with 2514 votes, Nathan Nathans with 2486 votes, Jacob B. Coats with 2419 votes, Robert Carr with 2304 votes, Jesse Y. Castor with 1311 votes, Charles M. Pastorius with 1303 votes, William Binder with 1272 votes, William Weaver with 1250 votes, J.D. Goodwin with 1264 votes, John Carter with 1373 votes, Robert Kennedy with 1192 votes and John Y. Brant with 715 votes. These were all unofficial results that were corrected in later issues.
[9]The Bradford Settler (Towanda, PA) lists Joseph Starne as a Federalist.
[10]"Sutherland had two strings to his bow; he was a candidate for both Congress and Assembly: his majority for the latter was 28 votes; for the former, Mr. Wurts outpolled him 94 votes. If had been elected to both offices, being a 'man of principle in proportion to his interest,' there can be no doubt which he would have accepted. S. The latest The Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) and Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) informs us, that Mr. Sutherland is already making interest to have himself elected U.S. Senator!" The Huntingdon Gazette (Huntingdon, PA). October 28, 1824.


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