Massachusetts 1789 U.S. House of Representatives, District 8, Ballot 3

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1789 U.S. House of Representatives, District 8, Ballot 3
Third Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Jonathan Grout, Timothy Paine, Artemas Ward, Ebenezer Chaplin, Ebenezer Davis, John Sprague, Simon Baker, Moses Gill, Caleb Hitchcock, Simon Houghton, William Jones, Martin Kinsley, Jonathan Warner, Jonah Whiting, Israel Whiton, Abel Wilder
Candidates: Jonathan Grout[1]Timothy PaineArtemas WardEbenezer ChaplinEbenezer DavisJohn SpragueSimon BakerMoses GillCaleb HitchcockSimon HoughtonWilliam JonesMartin KinsleyJonathan WarnerJonah WhitingIsrael WhitonAbel Wilder
Final Result: [2][3]196813122564221111111111
District of Eight196813122564221111111111
Worcester County196813122564221111111111
Town of Ashburnham-293-----------1-
Town of Athal[4]----------------
Town of Barre79279--------1----
District of Berlin21313-------------
Town of Bolton71719------1------
Town of Boylston23363-------------
Town of Brookfield1461124-----1-------
Town of Charlton4655--2-----------
Town of Douglas174--------------
Town of Dudley5633--------------
Town of Fitchburg201610-------------
Town of Gardner2212--------------
Town of Gerry24155------------1
Town of Grafton[5]61144----1--------
Town of Hardwick89189-------------
Town of Harvard241415-------------
Town of Holden25325-------------
Town of Hubbardston891--------------
Town of Lancaster19539-------------
Town of Leicester351515-------------
Town of Leominster-84--------------
Town of Lunenberg502011-------1--1--
Town of Mendon651--------------
Town of Milford--15-------------
Town of New Braintree6214----------1---
Town of Northborough3816-------------
Town of Northbridge1928--------------
Town of Oakham6133-------------
Town of Oxford1552--------------
Town of Paxton211810-------------
Town of Petersham10527--------------
Town of Princetown4066--------------
Town of Royalston8967-------------
Town of Rutland72323-------------
Town of Shrewsbury70341--2----------
Town of Southborough2025--------------
Town of Spencer7915--------------
Town of Sterling[6]----------------
Town of Sturbridge[7]----------------
Town of Sutton11142-4------------
Town of Templeton1438----1---------
Town of Upton38171-------------
Town of Uxbridge2711--------------
Town of Ward48-4-------------
Town of Westborough42184-------------
Town of Western1755--------------
Town of Westminster30442-------------
Town of Winchendon42371-------------
Town of Worcester606215-------------


[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. The original election was held on December 18, 1788 and a 2nd Trial on January 29, 1789.
[3]"AS in the two previous election, the two Worcester newspapers, with one exception, printed nothing until their last issues before the election on 2 March. The exception consisted of two items (one of which supported Timothy Paine) in the Massachusetts Spy on 19 February. Then on 26 February the Massachusetts Spy published five articles. Two of them supported Jonathan Grout, one supported Artemas Ward, one backed Timothy Paine, and the fifth did not mention any names. On the same day the American Herald published four items. One supported Grout, one opposed Paine because he had been a mandamus councillor, and the other two items urged that he be elected. The issue of Paine's appointment as a mandamus councillor by the British government in 1774 had been brought up for the first time by the Boston Independent Chronicle, 12 February, and not by the Worcester newspapers. Despite the ambivalence of the newspapers, there was a considerable increse of interest, for the vote almost doubled over the first election on 18 December 1788: from 1,886 to 3,484. Grout was elected Representative by a decisive majority. Artemas Ward, who ran a poor third in each of the three elections, finally defeated Grout in the election to the second Congress in 1791. Paine was elected to the state House of Representatives in 1789." The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections: 1788-1790, Vol. I. p 676.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Athal.
[5]Timothy Paine received 1 vote as Timothy Paid.
[6]There were no votes recorded in Sterling.
[7]There were no votes recorded in Sturbridge.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Jensen, Merrill and Robert A. Becker, ed. The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections: 1788-1790. Vol. I. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1976. 676-684.

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