New York 1824 State Senate, District 6

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1824 State Senate, District 6
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Stukely Ellsworth, John Blakely, Robert Campbell, William G. Angel, David Blakeley, Silas Brown, Benjamin S. Halsey, Charles Pumpelley, John C. Spencer
Candidates: Stukely EllsworthJohn BlakelyRobert CampbellWilliam G. AngelDavid BlakeleySilas BrownBenjamin S. HalseyCharles PumpelleyJohn C. Spencer
Final Result: 11536112912111111
District of Six11536112912111111
Broome County574961-------
Town of Chenango175199-------
Town of Colesville72117-------
Town of Lisle130275-------
Town of Sanford4533-------
Town of Union26118-------
Town of Vestal8223-------
Town of Windsor44196-------
Chenango County26852142-------
Cortland County12221387-------
Town of Cincinnatus6543-------
Town of Freetown10430-------
Town of Harrison8131-------
Town of Homer198609-------
Town of Preble66113-------
Town of Scott8552-------
Town of Solon13471-------
Town of Truxton210229-------
Town of Virgil231189-------
Town of Willet4820-------
Delaware County[1]20651405-------
Town of Andes12370-------
Town of Bovina4690-------
Town of Colchester9147-------
Town of Davenport6142-------
Town of Delhi171189-------
Town of Franklin24075-------
Town of Hancock6819-------
Town of Harpersfield12956-------
Town of Kortright23390-------
Town of Masonville4452-------
Town of Meredith11395-------
Town of Middletown130111-------
Town of Roxbury197169-------
Town of Sidney9212-------
Town of Stamford110101-------
Town of Tompkins9691-------
Town of Walton12196-------
Otsego County29802339211----
Town of Butternuts257178-------
Town of Burlington200114-------
Town of Cherry Valley233324-------
Town of Decatur8056-------
Town of Edmeston8351-------
Town of Exeter6939-------
Town of Hartwick24585-------
Town of Huntsville5935-------
Town of Laurens8869-------
Town of Maryland9928-------
Town of Middlefield104215-------
Town of Milford156129-------
Town of New Lisbon15863-------
Town of Otego12737-------
Town of Otsego230423-11----
Town of Pittsfield[2]---------
Town of Plainfield7369-------
Town of Richfield1361082------
Town of Springfield125193-------
Town of Unadilla19740-------
Town of Westford11247-------
Town of Worcester14936-------
Tioga County8661501-------
Tompkins County11441556---1111
Town of Caroline6690-------
Town of Danby14087-------
Town of Dryden195252-------
Town of Enfield14853---1---
Town of Groton213155-------
Town of Hector9793-----1-
Town of Ithaca6277-------
Town of Lansing8252------1
Town of Newfield27028-------
Town of Ulysses[3]1269----1--


[1]John Blakeley received 1 vote as John W. Blakeley and 1 vote as John Blakesley.
[2]"The votes for Senate stood for Stukely Elsworth, 84; for John Blakely, eleven, Omitted in the returns." Cherry-Valley Gazette (Cherry Valley, NY). November 16, 1824.
[3]Stukley Ellsworth received 1 vote as Stukely C. Elsworth.


Original Election Returns.
The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). October 25, 1824.
The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). November 8, 1824.
Freeman's Journal (Cooperstown, NY). November 15, 1824.
Cherry-Valley Gazette (Cherry Valley, NY). November 16, 1824.
Ithaca Journal (Ithaca, NY). November 17, 1824.
New York American, for the Country (New York, NY). November 17, 1824.
Oxford Gazette (Oxford, NY). November 24, 1824.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). December 10, 1824.

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