Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Eastern District

Electoral College (Federal)
Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Eastern District
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Stephen Longfellow, Lemuel Weeks, John Waite, John K. Smith, Samuel Thompson, Francis Winter, Daniel Davis, Samuel Tibbits, John Hubbard, Thomas B. Waite, Josiah Thacher, Dummer Sewall, John Lewis, Edmund Phinney
Electors: Stephen Longfellow[1]Lemuel WeeksJohn WaiteJohn K. SmithSamuel ThompsonFrancis WinterDaniel DavisSamuel TibbitsJohn HubbardThomas B. WaiteJosiah ThacherDummer SewallJohn LewisEdmund Phinney
Presidential Candidate:John Adams
Final Result: [2]418123756925242121976311
District of Eastern Two418123756925242121976311
Cumberland County2091187549--21--76--1
Town of Bakerstown[3]--------------
Town of Brunswick[4]--------------
Town of Buckfield21-------------
Town of Cape Elizabeth-26------------
Town of Durham25-------------
Town of Falmouth-23------------
Town of Freeport40-------------
Town of Gorham291--------6--1
Town of Gray--17-----------
Town of Harpswell17-------------
Town of Hebron-14------------
Town of Jay---10----------
Town of Livermore[5]--------------
Town of New Gloucester1-15-----------
Town of North Yarmouth26-------------
Otisfield Plantation23-------------
Town of Paris9-----20-------
Town of Poland5--37----------
Town of Portland34813-----------
Raymondston Plantation7-------------
Town of Scarboro--30-----------
Town of Turner---2-----7----
Town of Windham36----1-------
Lincoln County2095-202524-129--31-
Town of Bath14-------------
Town of Belgrade25-------------
Town of Bowdoin----321-12---3--
Butterfield Plantation10--3----------
Town of Farmington26-------------
Town of Fayette17-------------
Town of Green8-----------1-
Town of Lewiston32-------------
Town of Litchfield20----3--------
Town of Monmouth----22---------
Town of Mount Vernon[6]--------------
Town of New Sharon[7]--------------
Pennicook Plantation7--2----------
Town of Readfield9-------9-----
Rustfield Gore35-15----------
Town of Starks[8]--------------
Town of Topsham19-------------
Town of Winthrop19-------------


[2]Stephen Longfellow voted for John Adams in the Electoral College. Whether his second vote was cast for Thomas Pinckney, Oliver Ellsworth or Samuel Johnston is unknown.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Bakerstown.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Brunswick.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Livermore.
[6]There were no votes recorded in Mount Vernon.
[7]There were no votes recorded in New Sharon.
[8]There were no votes recorded in Starks.


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