North Carolina 1796 Electoral College

Electoral College (Federal)
North Carolina 1796 Electoral College
North Carolina
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
William Martin, James Bradley, Anthony Brown, John G. Blount, Richard D. Spaight, Sterling Harwell, John Hamilton, J. Hunt, Willie Jones, Edwin Lisles, John Lockhart, Robert Cochran
Electors: William Martin[1]James Bradley[2]Anthony Brown[3]John G. Blount[4]Richard D. Spaight[5]Sterling Harwell[6]John Hamilton[7]J. Hunt[8]Willie Jones[9]Edwin Lisles[10]John Lockhart[11]Robert Cochran[12]
Presidential Candidate:
Final Result: [13][14][15]------------


[1]Representing 7th Congressional District.
[2]Of Bladen County.
[3]Of Person County.
[4]Of Beaufort County.
[5]Of Craven County.
[6]Of Halifax County.
[7]Representing Edenton Division.
[8]Representing 6th Congressional District.
[9]Representing 6th Congressional District.
[10]Representing 9th Congressional District.
[11]Representing 9th Congressional District.
[12]Representing Fayetteville District
[13]"Our electors will be unanimous, I think, in voting for Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Pinckney, as President and Vice-President." Extract of a letter from a gentleman at New Bern, North-Carolina quoted in the City Gazette and Daily Advertiser (Charleston, SC) of November 3, 1796.
[14]North Carolina voted for Electors by popular vote in Electoral College districts. Some are mentioned by county and some by Congressional District, but no specific lines of the districts are mentioned.
[15]The votes broke down as follows: 6 votes for Thomas Jefferson / Aaron Burr, 3 votes for Thomas Jefferson / James Iredell, 1 vote for Thomas Jefferson / George Washington, 1 vote for Thomas Jefferson / Charles Pinckney and 1 vote for John Adams / Thomas Pinckney.


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