New York 1810 Assembly, Richmond County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Richmond County
New York
First Ballot
James Guyon, Jr., Richard Conner
Candidates: James Guyon, Jr.[1]Richard Conner
Final Result: [2][3]358357
Richmond County358357
Town of Castletown10171
Town of Northfield14191
Town of Southfield6774
Town of Westfield49121


[2]"The exultation of the feds on their supposed success in this county was ludicrously great. A procession was formed the morning after the election; bonfires of tar barrels graced the triumph; a supper and copious libations, at the expense of Mr. Conner, the fortunate candidate, were devoured and the air rent with acclamations. Major Snowden, too, was to give a supper on Thursday evening. But behold, yesterday, at ten o'clock, the official canvass gave a republican majority for governor, congress and assembly." Columbian Gazette (Utica, NY). May 15, 1810.
[3]The same, or a very similar report, was also published in several other sources, including The Columbian (New York, NY) of May 2, The Long Island Star (Brooklyn, NY) of May 3, the Columbian (For the Country) New York of May 5, and The Albany Register (Albany, NY) of May 8. Some sources begin the above quoted paragraph with: "Richmond County[.] Safe After all. The following is the official return from that county, by which it will be seen, contrary to the first report, that a republican member of the assembly is elected. Last year a federalist represented the county. The exultation of the federalists." The Columbian (New York, NY). May 2, 1810.


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