New York 1804 Assembly, Montgomery County

Assembly (State)
New York 1804 Assembly, Montgomery County
New York
First Ballot
Alexander Sheldon, John Seeber, James MacIntyre, Jonathan Hallet, David Zielly, William W. Fox, Solomon Shuler, James Smith, Cornelius Drake, Henry Banta, Henry Kennedy, Silas Wood, Thomas Benett, James Cushney, Stephen Hallet, Hugh Sanford, David Seeber, Shelon
Candidates: Alexander SheldonJohn SeeberJames MacIntyreJonathan HalletDavid ZiellyWilliam W. FoxSolomon ShulerJames SmithCornelius DrakeHenry BantaHenry KennedySilas WoodThomas BenettJames CushneyStephen HalletHugh SanfordDavid SeeberShelon
Final Result: 225122122207219221711013986988970891--------
Montgomery County225122122207219221711013986988970891--------
Town of Amsterdam1901791731771737168717134---1-1--
Town of Broadalbin1591631601631641212121214--------
Town of Canajohary[1][2][3]23123723122623482801038175-------1
Town of Charleston3333223313193184239374227--------
Town of Florida1491461301431345598535458--------
Town of Johnstown326333336328329212215203209211-3--1---
Town of Manheim[4]100101103991012931312931--1-----
Town of Mayfield[5]1221211221191203637312935--------
Town of Minden151133142142136220206206208204--------
Town of Northampton[6]65666465643235323516------1-
Town of Palatine341328332331317192139147144141--------
Town of Salisbury[7][8][9]848383798354545455513-------


[1]William W. Fox received 24 votes as Wm. W. Fox.
[2]Cornelius Drake received 7 votes as Cor. Drake.
[3]Solomon Shuler received 2 votes as Sol. Shuler.
[4]David I. Zielly received 2 votes as David Zielly.
[5]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) and the American Citizen (New York, NY) list 36 votes for James Smith and 37 votes for Cornelius Drake.
[6]Solomon Shuler received 26 votes as Jacob Shuler.
[7]Henry Banta received 6 votes as Henry Banter.
[8]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) and the American Citizen (New York, NY) list 57 votes for James Smith.
[9]The American Citizen (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) list 89 votes for John Seeber.


Original Election Returns.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 11, 1804.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 17, 1804.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 19, 1804.

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