Massachusetts 1790 State Senate, Hampshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1790 State Senate, Hampshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Samuel Lyman, John Hastings, David Sexton, William Lyman, Samuel Fowler, John Bliss, Samuel Henshaw, Simeon Strong, William Bodman, Justin Ely, William Shephard, David Smead, Moses Bliss, Hugh MacClallen, Warham Park, Solomon Stoddard, John Williams, Job Wright, Elijah Hunt, Noah Goodman, Timothy Robinson, Ebenezer Mattoon, Ruggles Woodbridge
Candidates: Samuel Lyman[1]John Hastings[2]David SextonWilliam LymanSamuel FowlerJohn BlissSamuel HenshawSimeon StrongWilliam BodmanJustin ElyWilliam ShephardDavid SmeadMoses BlissHugh MacClallenWarham ParkSolomon StoddardJohn WilliamsJob WrightElijah HuntNoah GoodmanTimothy RobinsonEbenezer MattoonRuggles Woodbridge
Final Result: [3][4][5][6]1467-939924882578-----------------
Hampshire County1467-939924882578-----------------
Town of Amherst4649235230-652---12--4-------
Town of Ashfield-----------------------
Town of Belchertown-----------------------
Town of Bernardston402818612------1636----2-----
Town of Blandford19--1916--------------197--
Town of Brimfield-----------------------
Town of Buckland-----------------------
Town of Charlemont-25---25-----25-25---------
Town of Chester-----------------------
Town of Chesterfield303111258-14--10-----11--2----
Town of Colrain2313--8-----1224-16---------
Town of Conway-----------------------
Town of Cummington-----------------------
Town of Deerfield-----------------------
District of Easthampton-----------------------
Town of Goshen-----------------------
Town of Granby-----------------------
Town of Granville-----------------------
Town of Greenfield-----------------------
Town of Greenwich533232213153-----------------
Town of Hadley-----------------------
Town of Hatfield225130---2422-2038------------
Town of Heath-----------------------
Town of Holland-----------------------
Town of Leverett-----------------------
District of Leyden18--1717------17-----------
Town of Longmeadow4027241151-26--1923-----------
Town of Ludlow41--4141---41--------------
Town of Middlefield-----------------------
Town of Monson49293891029-108-11------------
Town of Montague-----------------------
Town of Montgomery-----------------------
Town of New Salem-----------------------
Town of Northfield-----------------------
Town of Northampton3687934636-85-197623-----5------
Town of Norwich42526-------4---26--------
District of Orange-----------------------
Town of Palmer-----------------------
Town of Pelham-----------------------
District of Plainfield-----------------------
Town of Rowe-----------------------
Town of Shelburne-----------------------
Town of Shutesbury-----------------------
Town of South Brimfield-----------------------
Town of South Hadley405202721-2--213---------20321
Town of Southampton-----------------------
Town of Southwick-----------------------
Town of Springfield81-74--64-60---------------
Town of Sunderland-----------------------
Town of Ware17--1717---17--------------
Town of Warwick-----------------------
Town of Wendell-----------------------
Town of West Springfield-----------------------
Town of Westfield8637428588--2458-28------------
Town of Westhampton-----------------------
Town of Whately-----------------------
Town of Wilbraham-----------------------
Town of Williamsburg-----------------------
Town of Worthington-40403--36--39-------------


[3]"No. Voters, 1239. Make a choice, 1020." Governor's Council Records. The Governor's Records list 1239 voters but there were 2039 voters.
[4]The Governor's Records do not list a vote total for John Hastings.
[5]"Whole number 2039 - 1020 a choice." Independent Chronicle: and the Universal Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 13, 1790.
[6]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. David Sexton and Samuel Fowler would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.


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