New York 1821 Constitutional Convention, Orange County

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
New York 1821 Constitutional Convention, Orange County
New York
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
John Hallock, Jr., Benjamin Woodward, Peter Milliken, John Duer, Jonathan Fisk, N. H. White, John Blake, S. S. Seward
Candidates: John Hallock, Jr.Benjamin WoodwardPeter MillikenJohn DuerJonathan FiskN. H. WhiteJohn BlakeS. S. Seward
Final Result: [1][2]210920881925173313121063962604
Orange County210920881925173313121063962604
Town of Blooming Grove8085697964827754
Town of Cornwall5871584547446037
Town of Deerpark1021169291392218-
Town of Goshen245250237262871069451
Town of Minisink249255220182141614934
Town of Monroe1911441411237064641
Town of Montgomery240250231233223211217188
Town of New Windsor9390786873766441
Town of Newburgh4434394202583071428929
Town of Wallkill16714914315311212411566
Town of Warwick241239236239149131115103


[1]"The four first candidates were those regularly nominated by the anti-Clintonian county convention of delegates, and are all elected by an average majority of about 966. Fisk is also an anti-Clintonian and has formerly stood very high in the estimation of the people of this county - he was first nominated solely in opposition to Mr. Duer, by his anti-Clintonian friends in Newburgh and was afterwards nominated by a county meeting of all parties. This will account for Mr. Duer's falling below the other candidates with whom he was nominated. It will be recollected that Dr. Seward declined his nomination before the election: White and Blake were the only Clintonians nominated." Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY). June 25, 1821.
[2]Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY) lists 599 votes for S. S. Seward but the town totals add up to 604.


Orange County Patriot; or, the Spirit of Seventy-Six (Goshen, NY). June 25, 1821.

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