New York 1814 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1814 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
James Emott, William A. Duer, John Beadle, James Grant, Joel Benton, John Titus, Theodorus Van Wyck, Thomas Barlow, Ezra Thompson, Jr., Benjamin Conklin, John Bowdich, Benjamin Herrick, Henry Livingston
Candidates: James Emott[1]William A. Duer[2]John Beadle[3]James Grant[4]Joel Benton[5]John TitusTheodorus Van WyckThomas BarlowEzra Thompson, Jr.Benjamin ConklinJohn BowdichBenjamin HerrickHenry Livingston
Final Result: [6]2232223022292228222419491945194319421941111
Dutchess County2232223022292228222419491945194319421941111
Town of Amenia140140140139139196196195196195-1-
Town of Beekman2892892892872865857585857---
Town of Clinton308307307307307235235234230235---
Town of Dover11811711811811737343534341--
Town of Fishkill[7]239239239239239436436436436435---
Town of Northeast[8]124124124124124230230230230230---
Town of Pawlings[9]1091091091111093940393939---
Town of Poughkeepsie[10]273274273273273259259259258259--1
Town of Red-Hook[11]150149149149149112112112113111---
Town of Rhinebeck[12]222222222222222136136136136136---
Town of Stanford108108106106106148148147149148---
Town of Washington[13][14][15]1521521531531536361626362---


[6]"Election Results from Our Correspondents. From Dutchess. The votes of this town [Poughkeepsie], are canvassed. The result is more honorable to correct whig principles, than we had anticipated. The federal majority is even less now than it was at our warmly contested election last year ... The town of Stamford, which last year gave a federal majority of 4 votes, has, at this election, given 40 majority to the whig ticket. The town of Clinton has gained 70 republican votes this year. It is said that Fishkill has given a republican majority of 210. We have not yet learnt the exact state of the county; but so far as our information extends, the friends of the people's rights, are growing more numerous." The Columbian (New York, NY). May 2, 1814.
[7]Ezra Thompson, Jr. received 4 votes as Ezra Thompson.
[8]Ezra Thompson, Jr. received 3 votes as Ezra Thompson and 1 vote as Ebenezer Thompson, Jr.
[9]Joel Benton received 1 vote as Joel W. Benton.
[10]William A. Duer received 1 vote as William Duer.
[11]Ezra Thompson, Jr. received 4 votes as Ezra Thompson.
[12]Ezra Thompson, Jr. received 2 votes as Ezra Thompson.
[13]Ezra Thompson, Jr. received 1 vote as Ezra Thompson.
[14]Abraham D. Van Wyck received 1 vote as Abraham B. Van Wyck.
[15]Benjamin H. Conklin received 1 vote as Benjamin Conklin.


Original Election Books. Dutchess County Historian, Poughkeepsie.
The Columbian (New York, NY). May 2, 1814.
Poughkeepsie Journal, and Constitutional Republican (Poughkeepsie, NY). May 11, 1814.

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