New Hampshire 1810 Governor's Council, Coos and Grafton Counties

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1810 Governor's Council, Coos and Grafton Counties
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Benjamin J. Gilbert, Edwards Evans, Silas Mariner, Thomas Page, Bernard F. Page, William Tarlton, Abil Merrill, John Fairfield, Ebenezer Hoit, Moor Russell, Wales Dole, Richard Evans, David Hough, J. Page, Jr., Jonathan Robbins, Jr.
Candidates: Benjamin J. Gilbert[1]Edwards EvansSilas MarinerThomas PageBernard F. PageWilliam TarltonAbil MerrillJohn FairfieldEbenezer HoitMoor RussellWales DoleRichard EvansDavid HoughJ. Page, Jr.Jonathan Robbins, Jr.
Final Result: 280714871809975261166621111
District of Coos and Grafton280714871809975261166621111
Coos County[2]204218---266--1-----
Town of Adams-43-------------
Town of Bartlett-69-------------
Town of Chatham-28-------------
Town of Cockburne176-------------
Town of Colebrook2319-------------
Town of Jefferson6----26---------
Town of Lancaster896-------1-----
Town of Northumberland254-------------
Town of Percy22--------------
Town of Stewartstown421-------------
Town of Stratford1822-------------
Town of Whitefield------6--------
Grafton County260312691809975-566521111
Town of Alexandria4916-------------
Town of Bath16854----1--------
Town of Bethlehem3320-------------
Town of Bridgewater7669-------------
Town of Campton116--15-----------
Town of Canaan13432------1-2----
Town of Concord[3]26103-------------
Town of Coventry814-------------
Town of Dalton[4]355-------------
Town of Danbury2615-------1-----
Town of Dorchester412810------------
Town of Ellsworth23--------------
Town of Enfield491051------------
Town of Franconia1246-------------
Town of Grafton8160-------------
Town of Groton5831-------------
Town of Hanover28153----------1--
Town of Haverhill1163725---1--1-----
Town of Hebron3811-49-----------
Town of Landaff3648----1----1---
Town of Lebanon167110-----32------
Town of Lincoln-10-------------
Town of Littleton8720----1--------
Town of Lyman5759-------2-----
Town of Lyme20333-------------
Town of New Chester5977-------------
Town of New Holderness100--35-----------
Town of Orange295-------------
Town of Orford12180-----21------
Town of Peeling19---20--1-------
Town of Piermont49728------------
Town of Plymouth1032--45----------
Town of Rumney54-60---1--------
Town of Thornton119---10----1-----
Town of Warren1251-------------
Town of Wentworth[5]18376-----2----11


[2]Abil Merrill received 6 votes as A. Merrill.
[3]Benjamin J. Gilbert received 26 votes as Benjamin Gilbert.
[4]Edward Evans received 5 votes as Esquire Evans.
[5]Benjamin J. Gilbert received 18 votes as Benjamin Gilbert.


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