Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Northeast District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Northeast District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Jedediah P. Buckingham, James Fisk, William Chamberlain, Israel Smith, Leonard Worcester, Samuel Crafts, Timothy Edson, Aaron Porter, Isaac Tichenor, Dudley Chase, Josiah Dana, John Hutchinson, John Lyon, Moulton Morey, Benjamin Swan, Jonathan Bass, Paul Brigham, Ezra Butler, William A. Griswold, Thomas Jefferson, Nathaniel King, Samuel Smith, Elishu Taylor, Cyrus Ware, Thaddeus White
Candidates: Jedediah P. BuckinghamJames FiskWilliam ChamberlainIsrael SmithLeonard WorcesterSamuel CraftsTimothy EdsonAaron PorterIsaac TichenorDudley ChaseJosiah DanaJohn HutchinsonJohn LyonMoulton MoreyBenjamin SwanJonathan BassPaul BrighamEzra ButlerWilliam A. GriswoldThomas JeffersonNathaniel KingSamuel SmithElishu TaylorCyrus WareThaddeus White
Final Result: [1][2]2867283381155244432222221111111111
District of Northeast2867283381155244432222221111111111
Caledonia County[3]1058923654-1-4--------1111---1-
Town of Barnet11735-----------------------
Town of Billymead152-----------------------
Town of Burke741-1---------------------
Town of Cabot5328-----------------------
Town of Calais3368-1---------------------
Town of Danville8611911---4--------1-1------
Town of Deweysburgh31410----------------------
Town of Groton3216-----------------------
Town of Hardwick5453-----------------------
Town of Kirby730-----------------------
Town of Lyndon6074-----------------------
Town of Marshfield428-----------------------
Town of Montpelier[4]8211941-1-----------1-1---1-
Town of Peacham[5]1111339----------------------
Town of Plainfield8388----------------------
Town of Ryegate2635-----------------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury98543----------------------
Town of Sheffield3121-----------------------
Town of Walden2030-----------------------
Town of Waterford9713-----------------------
Town of Wheelock6962-----------------------
Town of Woodbury21------------------------
Essex County[6]18361----------2------------
Town of Brunswick-21-----------------------
Town of Canaan-------------------------
Town of Concord-------------------------
Town of Granby13------------------------
Town of Guildhall688-----------------------
Town of Lemington164-----------------------
Town of Lunenburg6620----------2------------
Town of Maidstone-------------------------
Town of Minehead158-----------------------
Town of Westmore5------------------------
Orange County1322161010115-4-3222-211-----11-1
Town of Barre38117-----------------------
Town of Berlin6155-----------------------
Town of Bradford5494-----------------------
Town of Braintree58663--------2---1---------
Town of Brookfield15560-----------------------
Town of Chelsea11348231-----2--------------
Town of Corinth11698-----------------------
Town of Fairlee505621----1----2-------11--
Town of Newbury9092-----------------------
Town of Northfield[7]1846-----------------------
Town of Orange4047-----------------------
Town of Randolph15120324--4-12---------------
Town of Roxbury[8]2033-----------------------
Town of Stafford21110-----------------------
Town of Thetford5597-----------------------
Town of Topsham1265-2----------1----------
Town of Tunbridge8911111----------------1----
Town of Vershire1092-----------------------
Town of Washington4163--4---1---------------1
Town of Williamstown13057-----------------------
Orleans County[9][10]3042396--23--------1----------
Town of Barton259-----------------------
Town of Browington206------------1----------
Town of Coventry1314-----------------------
Town of Craftsbury444---20-------------------
Town of Derby369-----------------------
Town of Duncansborough162-----------------------
Town of Eden-------------------------
Town of Elmore[11]313-----------------------
Town of Glover33173----------------------
Town of Greensborough2422-----------------------
Town of Holland1011-----------------------
Town of Hyde Park1923-----------------------
Town of Irasburg635-----------------------
Town of Kellyvale-------------------------
Town of Lutterloh57-----------------------
Town of Morgan9------------------------
Town of Morristown1725-----------------------
Town of Navy143--3-------------------
Town of Troy620-----------------------
Town of Westfield716-----------------------
Town of Wolcott102-----------------------


[1]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A second ballot would be held on December 13, 1808.
[2]Various newspapers list Jedediah P. Buckingham with 2850 votes, James Fisk with 2818 votes, William Chamberlain with 137 votes, Samuel Crafts with 28 votes and 111 scattering votes but the county totals add up to 2867 votes for Buckingham, 2833 votes for Fisk, 32 votes for Chamberlain, 24 votes for Crafts and 53 votes scattered among the other 21 candidates.
[3]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), October 21, and the Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), October 26, list 1059 votes for Jedediah P. Buckingham and 917 for James Fisk, though the town votes add up to 1058 for Buckingham and 923 for Fisk.
[4]In Montpelier, 6 votes for Judge Fisk have here been credited to James Fisk.
[5]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), September 16, reverses the returns for James Fisk and Jedediah P. Buckingham.
[6]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), October 21, and the Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), October 26, list 167 votes for Jedediah P. Buckingham and 52 for James Fisk, though the town votes listed add up to 183 for Buckingham and 61 for Fisk.
[7]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), September 16, lists 45 votes for James Fisk in Northfield.
[8]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), September 16, lists 21 votes for Jedediah P. Buckingham in Roxbury.
[9]The North Star (Danville, VT), October 29, lists 209 votes for James Fisk in Orleans, though the town votes add up to 239.
[10]The Watchman (Montpelier, VT), October 21, and the Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), October 26, list 303 votes for Jedediah P. Buckingham in Orleans, though the town votes add up to 304.
[11]In Elmore, 1 vote for Jedediah P. Buck has here been credited to Jedediah P. Buckingham.


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