Pennsylvania 1811 Common Council, Philadelphia City

Common Council (City)
Common Councillor
Pennsylvania 1811 Common Council, Philadelphia City
First Ballot
Common Council/Common Councillor
Nathan Sellers, Samuel Pancoast, Jr., Samuel Smith, William Flintham, Samuel Story, William Leedom, James S. Smith, Jesse Williams, Thomas Hurley, John Moore, Hugh DeHaven, William MacFadden, William Smith, George Vaux, Charles Chauncey, James Robertson, Horace Binney, William Allibone, Jr., James Musgrave, Frederick Erringer, James Cutbush, Seth Craige, Adam Eckfeldt, Levi Garret, Edward Smith, William Dalzell, Jer. Hornketh, William Bethell, Charles Schaffer, Charles Johnson, Francis Mitchell, Conrad Wile, Jonathan Lukins, John Steel, George Palmer, Thomas Leiper, William Smiley, Pennell Beale, Peter A. Browne, Liberty Browne
Candidates: Nathan Sellers[1]Samuel Pancoast, Jr.[2]Samuel Smith[3]William Flintham[4]Samuel Story[5]William Leedom[6]James S. Smith[7]Jesse Williams[8]Thomas Hurley[9]John Moore[10]Hugh DeHaven[11]William MacFadden[12]William Smith[13]George Vaux[14]Charles Chauncey[15]James Robertson[16]Horace Binney[17]William Allibone, Jr.[18]James Musgrave[19]Frederick Erringer[20]James CutbushSeth CraigeAdam EckfeldtLevi GarretEdward SmithWilliam DalzellJer. HornkethWilliam BethellCharles SchafferCharles JohnsonFrancis MitchellConrad WileJonathan LukinsJohn SteelGeorge PalmerThomas LeiperWilliam SmileyPennell BealePeter A. BrowneLiberty Browne
Final Result: [21][22]2327231923192317231623152311230922992298229322932292229122902290228922872282226715631522150315031497149414901489148914841484147714721471146914651460145914591452
City of Philadelphia2327231923192317231623152311230922992298229322932292229122902290228922872282226715631522150315031497149414901489148914841484147714721471146914651460145914591452


[21]The Freeman's Journal and Columbian Chronicle (Philadelphia, PA) from October 10 lists the Republican candidates as New School Democrats.
[22]Poulson's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) from October 10 lists James Cutbush with 1503 votes.


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