New York 1800 U.S. House of Representatives, District 10

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1800 U.S. House of Representatives, District 10
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Thomas Morris, William Stuart, John Patterson, Jediah Sanger, Robert Roseboom, Sr., Benjamin Walker, Robert Morris, Edward Edwards, Francis Henry, Comfort Tyler, Samuel Tinckham, Silas Halsey, William Cooper, Jabez Eaker, Asa Danforth, Moss Kent, John Williams, Jr., Joseph S. Sidney, Nathaniel W. Howell, Ebenezer Butler, Jr., John Stewart, William H. Cuyler, Ezekiel Lyon, Jacob Morris
Candidates: Thomas Morris[1]William StuartJohn PattersonJediah SangerRobert Roseboom, Sr.Benjamin WalkerRobert MorrisEdward EdwardsFrancis HenryComfort TylerSamuel TinckhamSilas HalseyWilliam CooperJabez EakerAsa DanforthMoss KentJohn Williams, Jr.Joseph S. SidneyNathaniel W. HowellEbenezer Butler, Jr.John StewartWilliam H. CuylerEzekiel LyonJacob Morris
Final Result: [2]32662377264535513965422222111111111
District of Ten32662377264535513965422222111111111
Cayuga County[3]6579625--12--1--21----11----1
Town of Aureluis1516723-----1--------------1
Town of Milton31052--12------------------
Town of Ovid-163----------------------
Town of Romulus786----------------------
Town of Scipio19166---------21-----1-----
Town of Sempronius1632----------------------
Town of Ulysses446---------------1------
Town of Washington131----------------------
Chenango County2637138---------------------
Onondaga County[4]141353-5352-7--4--122----1----
Ontario County15242012-----------------1---
Otsego County[5]838912--11--2------11-------
Town of Burlington67148----------------------
Town of Butternuts1123----------------------
Town of Cherry Valley8329----------------------
Town of Exeter-62----------------------
Town of Middlefield1135----------------------
Town of Otego2878----------------------
Town of Otsego267119----------------------
Town of Pittsfield2652----------------------
Town of Plainfield508----------------------
Town of Richfield23125----------------------
Town of Springfield5944----------------------
Town of Suffrage-42----------------------
Town of Unadilla373----------------------
Town of Worcester7124----------------------
Steuben County24816-------------------11-
Town of Bath6414-------------------1--
Town of Canisteo53-----------------------
Town of Dansville14-----------------------
Town of Fredericktown39-----------------------
Town of Middletown30-----------------------
Town of Painted Post482--------------------1-
Tioga County4246298---26--2-------------


[2]Robert Roseboom, Sr. received 3 votes as Robert Roseboom.
[3]"In the Counties of Ontario and Steuben, Thomas Morris, Esq. had a majority of 1500 votes, as member of Congress. William Stewardd had about 200 votes. In Cayuga, where Jacobinism reigns triumphant, Stewart had 750, and Morris 65 votes. In the couonty of Onondaga, Stewart had a majority of 200 votes. Mr. Morris is beyond doubt elected." The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY). May 23, 1800.
[4]Robert Roseboom, Sr. received 2 votes as Robert Roseboom.
[5]Robert Roseboom, Sr. received 1 vote as Robert Roseboom.


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