New York 1808 Assembly, Montgomery County

Assembly (State)
New York 1808 Assembly, Montgomery County
New York
First Ballot
John Fay, Daniel Cady, John Green, Richard Van Horn, David J. Zielley, Alexander Sheldon, Peter C. Fox, Lawrence Gross, Henry Fonda, Thomas Sammons, David J. Timly, Cornelius C. Christyoner, James Clapp, Obadiah M. Cram, James Cushney, James Downs, John Gross, Isaac Johnson, Alexander Saint John, John S. Scribner, Charles Sheldon, Joseph Spiers, Moses Van Onion
Candidates: John Fay[1]Daniel Cady[2]John Green[3]Richard Van Horn[4]David J. Zielley[5]Alexander SheldonPeter C. FoxLawrence GrossHenry FondaThomas SammonsDavid J. TimlyCornelius C. ChristyonerJames ClappObadiah M. CramJames CushneyJames DownsJohn GrossIsaac JohnsonAlexander Saint JohnJohn S. ScribnerCharles SheldonJoseph SpiersMoses Van Onion
Affiliation:supported by both partiesFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublicanRepublican
Final Result: 4096258725412533248518041729172317152211111-111111
Montgomery County4096258725412533248518041729172317152211111-111111
Town of Amsterdam314211207202200128124120121-1--111-1-----
Town of Broadalbin[6]25562606158196196196196-1-----1------
Town of Canajohary[7][8]374216207208205180178176174--------------
Town of Charleston434273271269250198178177177--------------
Town of Florida[9]211183200177175118105113105--------------
Town of Johnstown[10][11]6804424234234272802832782842-------------
Town of Manheim17110610410210271706870--------------
Town of Mayfield[12][13][14][15]21314213913914378767575--------------
Town of Minden459340336348325138125124129-----------1--
Town of Northampton[16]1339393949341414140--1------11-11
Town of Openheim[17][18]282192181190180107879989--------------
Town of Palatine[19]329193188192194149147139138--------------
Town of Salisbury[20]1309292899237373637--------------
Town of Stratford422120182036353533---1----------
Town of Wells692120212147474647--------------


[6]Peter C. Fox received 1 vote as Peter Fox.
[7]Alexander Shelden received 2 votes as Alexander Shedon and 1 vote as Sheldon.
[8]Peter C. Fox received 2 votes as Peter Fox.
[9]Alexander Sheldon received 1 vote as Alexander Shallon.
[10]David J. Zielley received 1 vote as David Zeilly and 3 votes as David J. Zeily.
[11]Peter C. Fox received 1 vote as Peter Fox.
[12]David J. Zielley received 16 votes as David J. Zely and 3 votes as David J. Zela.
[13]Richard Van Horn received 2 votes as Richard V. Horn and 1 vote as Richard Van Hon.
[14]Lawrence Gross received 3 votes as Lawrence Gros.
[15]John Fay received 1 vote as John Foy.
[16]David J. Zielley received 1 vote as David Zeilly.
[17]David J. Zielley received 2 votes as David Zeilly.
[18]Lawrence Gross received 1 vote as Lawrence Grot.
[19]David J. Zielley received 1 vote as David Zeilly.
[20]Daniel Cady received 1 vote as Daniel Cudy.


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