Massachusetts 1808 House of Representatives, Boston

House of Representatives (State)
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Massachusetts 1808 House of Representatives, Boston
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
William Smith, Charles Jackson, Christopher Gore, Daniel Sargent, John Welles, John T. Athrop, Stephen Codman, Jonathan Hunnwell, William Phillips, Thomas W. Sumner, William Brown, Thomas Danforth, Benjamin Russell, Benjamin Goddard, Ebenezer T. Andrews, John Callender, Jonathan Chapman, Thomas Dennie, Charles Davis, Joseph Coolidge, Jr., William Hammatt, Francis D. Channing, Joseph Head, James Robinson, Stephen Higginson, Jr., William H. Sumner, John Parker, Ignatius Sargent, Benjamin Bussey, Isaac P. Davis, Benjamin Whitman, William Eustis, Jonathan Harris, Edward Procter, Jacob Rhoades, Russell Sturgis, David Tilden, David Townsend, Daniel Baxter, Caleb Bingham, William Jarvis, Ebenezer Larkin, Thomas Page
Candidates: William Smith[1]Charles Jackson[2]Christopher Gore[3]Daniel Sargent[4]John Welles[5]John T. Athrop[6]Stephen Codman[7]Jonathan Hunnwell[8]William Phillips[9]Thomas W. Sumner[10]William Brown[11]Thomas Danforth[12]Benjamin Russell[13]Benjamin Goddard[14]Ebenezer T. Andrews[15]John Callender[16]Jonathan Chapman[17]Thomas Dennie[18]Charles Davis[19]Joseph Coolidge, Jr.[20]William Hammatt[21]Francis D. Channing[22]Joseph Head[23]James Robinson[24]Stephen Higginson, Jr.[25]William H. Sumner[26]John Parker[27]Ignatius Sargent[28]Benjamin Bussey[29]Isaac P. Davis[30]Benjamin Whitman[31]William EustisJonathan HarrisEdward ProcterJacob RhoadesRussell SturgisDavid TildenDavid TownsendDaniel BaxterCaleb BinghamWilliam JarvisEbenezer LarkinThomas Page
Final Result: 2116211421132113211321122111211121112111211021102110210921082108210821082107210621062105210521052104210421032103210221022098125012491249124912491249124912481248124812481248
Town of Boston[32]2116211421132113211321122111211121112111211021102110210921082108210821082107210621062105210521052104210421032103210221022098125012491249124912491249124912481248124812481248


[32]"The Democratic Ticket was composed of 12 candidates, the highest number of votes for which was 1250." Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger (Norfolk, VA), May 23, 1808.


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