New York 1806 Assembly, Orange County

Assembly (State)
New York 1806 Assembly, Orange County
New York
First Ballot
John Wood, William Christ, Abraham Shultz, Andrew MacCord, Henry Tucker, John Wheeler, William Ross, William Bodle
Candidates: John WoodWilliam ChristAbraham ShultzAndrew MacCordHenry TuckerJohn WheelerWilliam RossWilliam Bodle
Final Result: 1557146614561434815709679515
Orange County1557146614561434815709679515
Town of Blooming Grove[1]1101111088615172111
Town of Cornwall2828252864637461
Town of Deer Park65656056811161
Town of Goshen[2]15814414314172725646
Town of Minisink15510169121176402628
Town of Montgomery37437437036026223115
Town of New Windsor[3]51511104899939947
Town of Newburgh[4]168163158153214204228195
Town of Southfield[5]3838363335373134
Town of Wallkill24022222923562475640
Town of Warwick170169148173441034137


[1]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 10, lists 17 votes for William Ross in Blooming Grove.
[2]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 10, lists 153 votes for Abraham Schultz in Goshen.
[3]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 10, lists 47 votes for Andrew MacCord, 49 for John Wood, 50 for William Christ, 108 for Abraham Schultz, 97 for William Ross, 97 for Henry Tucker, and 91 for John Wheeler.
[4]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 10, lists 151 votes for Andrew MacCord, 166 for John Wood, 161 for William Christ, 156 for Abraham Schultz, 209 for Henry Tucker, 199 for John Wheeler, and 190 for William Bodle in Newburgh.
[5]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 10, lists 28 votes for John Wood and 41 votes for William Ross in Southfield.


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Plebeian (Kingston, NY). May 16, 1806.
Political Index (Newburgh, NY). May 22, 1806.
Plebeian (Kingston, NY). May 23, 1806.

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