New Jersey 1809 Legislative Council, Bergen County

Council (State)
Legislative Councillor
New Jersey 1809 Legislative Council, Bergen County
New Jersey
First Ballot
Council/Legislative Councillor
Isaac Kipp, Peter Ward
Candidates: Isaac KippPeter Ward
Final Result: [1]864864
Bergen County864864


[1]On October 10th - 11th the election takes place. New Jersey held their elections over two days during this time period. October 12th - 14th election results are known [see Note]. October 17th Bergen County returns reported in the Centinel of Freedom. These returns are later published in various other New Jersey newspapers. October 24th Legislature Convenes and a Memorial of Peter Ward contesting the late election in Bergen County is presented and read. A second reading is ordered. October 25th A second of the Memorial of Peter Ward is read regarding the late election in Bergen County. October 30th A writ of election having been earlier ordered, probably by the Governor, a new election takes place in Bergen County between Peter Ward and Isaac Kip November 2nd A motion by Mr. Anderson, requests the hearing respecting the election of Peter Ward be postponed until Monday, November 6th. November 6th The True American [apparently erroneously] states that Peter Ward is chosen in the new election. November 6th Memorial of Peter Ward is read again in the Council and witnesses examined. On complaint of Isaac Kip, further consideration of Memorial was postponed until Monday November 13th. November 7th The Centinel of Freedom reported [correctly] that Isaac Kipp was chosen in the new election. November 7th Mr. Frelinghuysen moved for the Council to receive the certificate by Isaac Kipp that he was elected a member of Council [in the October 30th special election]. This motion was defeated. November 13th Memorial of Peter Ward resumed and witnesses produced by Isaac Kipp examined. After some discussion, the Council then voted to seat Peter Ward. November 17th [Friday] Peter Ward appeared and after taking the subscribed oaths required by law, took his seat. Legislature then adjourned. November 20th [Monday] Legislature convened for business and Peter Ward was again confirmed to take his seat.


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